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SC33 Earth and Space Science Syllabus

Instructor:  Peggy Wilcox

Contact Information Room B403
phone: (480) 472-3150

Office Hours: 2nd Roundup Weekly 

Materials Needed: 

Your device, notebook, pencil

 Course Description:

SC33 is a lab-based science course that provides an introduction to the physical laws and theories regarding the formation and ongoing processes of the Earth.

Main Topics:

Meteorology   Astronomy    Geology Geography   Hydrology       Environmental 

Textbook: None.  Your handwritten/electronic notes are very important and will cover all content.

Classroom Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures:


•All classwork, labs, projects, quizzes, and tests will have a point value. Point values will vary depending on the amount of work involved (usually 10 or 20 points)
• Grades will be updated weekly and will be available online in your grade portal

• The grading scale will be as follows:

  • Tests                            45%

  • Quizzes                        25%

  • Labs and Assignments   25%

  • Bell work                        5%l

Most assignments will be submitted electronically into Canvas.   All the information that you need to complete the assignments is located in Canvas.  Use the teacher-provided presentations and readings to find answers to your assignments (do not use Google).


Homework will be any assignments you did not complete in class. The assignments will have a due date. 

Quizzes and Tests:

You will be quizzed over the subject material every week (usually on Friday).  You have one free retake to improve your score on the day of the quiz.  If you fail your weekly quiz, you will be required to retake the quiz during Roundup the following week until you pass it. 

Science Notebook:

Your science notebook will be your composition notebook. It will contain your daily warmups, class notes, homework, labs/activities, classwork.  The notebook will be graded periodically and it is a part of your class grade.  You may use your notebook during the quizzes. It will be used to study for the comprehensive unit exams and the final exam at the end of the semester.  

Extra Credit: 

There is NO extra credit in my class. If you do all your work, extra credit is not needed.  

Participation/Attendance: Part of your grade in this class will come from your individual participation in class and collaborative work with others via labs.  Tardies are unacceptable.  Students will be sent to sweep if they are not in the door and headed to their seats when the bell rings. 

Late Work Policy: All assignments are due on their assigned dates for full credit.  All late work will be accepted until the end of the unit. I will announce when all late work will be due. When we complete a unit I will not accept any late work. If you are absent and need extra time please discuss it with me and we can make arrangements.    

Make-up Procedures: Check Canvas for assignments when you are absent.  All assignments are published in Canvas, so you can know what was assigned even if you were not in class. It is your responsibility to take care of missing work.  The official policy is 1 day to make-up missed work for each day you were absent. Labs, quizzes, and tests must be made up within one week (including redos)- during Round-up. If you need extra time please talk to me and we can discuss what you are needing.

Tutoring/Extra Help:

I will be available in my classroom daily during Round-Up (2nd half of lunch).  I am here to help you succeed!  If you are missing two or more assignments, you will be given mandatory Round-up in my room until you get caught up.  Students with an F in class will be required to come in during Round-up for mandatory tutoring and get help if needed.

Dress code:

Please follow the dress code rules in the student manual.  Specific examples of prohibited items include images or words with profanity, violence, racism, or drug references. You will be sent to sweeps for suspected dress code violations, no matter what hour of the day it is.  

Electronic Devices:

You must bring your laptop with you every day to class. Cell phones and earbuds/headphones are a huge distraction from learning, and will not be allowed in class. They must be out of sight upon entering the classroom. 


Gum, candy, food or drinks are not allowed in the classroom.  Bottled water is acceptable, but no open-top drinks like fast food cups.


Please have all materials ready for class.  This includes your notebook, device, charger, and a pen or pencil.  Please do not interrupt the class to ask for something to write with.  

Bathroom Passes:

Dobson has a generous passing period.  You should be able to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water during this time.  Going out during class time is disruptive and should be AN EXCEPTION.  If a bathroom trip is necessary, you must use the class sign-out sheet, use the blue bathroom pass. Only one student will be allowed out of class at a time. There will NOT be anyone leaving the first 10 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class. 


District guidelines for student behavior and our Dobson Code of Conduct form the basis for our experiences together.  Be respectful and you will not have a problem.  This includes respect for the teacher, for other students, and for the property.  No talking during teacher instruction, as this interferes with others’ right to learn. 


You will receive a verbal warning for most first offenses (gross misconduct are exceptions).  After the first verbal warning, the disciplinary cycle will “escalate” the consequences depending on the gravity of the infraction.  This could mean a call to parents, written referral.

READ THE STUDENT MANUAL AND FOLLOW THE RULES!!  You should have a great year if you do.