Mr. Rich Ence        

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I am excited to be teaching at Dobson High School. I have been teaching Career and Technical Education classes for the past 15 years: Computers, Career Exploration, Business Management, Marketing and Economics.

My wife also teaches, (Kindergarten 20+ years).This is my community school and my 4 children graduated from here. They are now married and we have 13 grand-kids. Life is good and very busy.

Prior to teaching I was in the  business world,  (i.e., sales management-Pepsi Cola, pharmaceutical sales/trainer-Galderma Labs). This helps provide real-life experience for lessons and discussions.

I am the DECA Advisor--DECA is a CTE student organization co-curricular with Marketing.

I oversee the operation of our student store called Circle D with a 12th grade Student Manager (Intern)

I am also the Internship Program Coordinator- CTE Internships provide an opportunity for 12th grade students to get 2 elective credits for having a job and working at least 10 hours per week.


Taking Responsibility for Learning


Education System = Going through the motions (minimum expectations)

            50-minute classes

            Listen to teacher

    Complete the assignments


Learning = Active doing

            Asking “why?” questions

            Re-reading text

            Taking notes while reading

            Taking notes from teacher discussion

            Studying concepts/vocabulary

            Re-visiting your notes marking/highlighting


Knowledge = Evidence of learning

            Scoring well on quizzes and tests

            Scoring well on assignments and projects

            Being conversant with peers, teachers, and parents

                        regarding newly learned concepts