Welcome to Dobson High School  2016 - 2017 !
The Applied Learning classes are based on both the Language Arts and Math Common Core Standards and current Arizona State Standards via the Common Core Connectors. These core classes also focus  on individual student needs and IEP goals, which include: Math, English Language Arts, (writing, and reading), and Science.  In addition, the content is covered through life/social/workplace materials. Students are provided with rationale to help understand their lessons and to develop their potential skills with the intent to graduate from high school and successfully transition into the adult world. 
A Little Bit About the Teacher: Ms.Clark
      I am entering my twelfth year teaching at Mesa Public Schools and my third year here at Dobson High School. For fun outside of the classroom and school I enjoy the outdoors, (especially kayaking and photography) most all types of sports (watching more nowadays instead of playing which my favorites are baseball and football), traveling, learning, and cooking Italian food. I am married, have a daughter and a grandson who live nearby, and I also have two super fun dogs, Rudy and Sunny.

     Every day is a pleasure to come to school to work with the students helping them develop their strengths and meet their individual academic and transition goals as they head towards graduation.  I am really happy to be here and look forward to another great year.

Also, any time you have questions, please feel free to contact me either by email or phone.

Email: saclark@mpsaz.org

Phone: 480-472-3204


Let's GO Mustangs!