Mr. Simon Navarro

Phone: 480-472-3206



Drama, English                                                      
Education: Bachelor of Arts/English - University of California at Berkeley - 1994

Masters in Education/Curriculum and Instruction (Gifted Ed) - Arizona State University - 2017

Gifted Education Certified

Office hours: 11:00 – 12:00
Easiest way to contact me: e-mail or voice mail

Professional Experiences:

Teacher, Dobson High School, 1996 to present

Drama Director, 1998 to present

AIA 5-A representative, Speech and Debate, 2000 – 2004
Dobson Student Council Advisor – beginning 2003 – 2014

Extra-Curricular Involvement, Honors/Certifications:

  • Dobson Speech & Debate Coach – 1989-1990, 1994 -2004
  • Dobson Drama Director – 1998 to Present
  • Flinn Foundation Distinguished Educator Award - 1999
  • Coach of more qualifiers to the National Tournament than any current speech and debate coach in Arizona.
  • Coach of more individual state champions and state championship teams than any other current speech and debate coach in Arizona.
  • Coach of more national speech and debate semi-finalists, finalists, and national champions, in Arizona history.
  • First coach in Arizona speech and debate history to have a team win the National Team Award (the highest National Team Award in speech and debate), which was done consecutively in 2000 and 2001.



Dear Parent,

I wear many hats as a teacher here at Dobson.  Teaching reading and writing skills in my English classes, and as drama director, directing our school plays.  I feel strongly in using my time and energy to offer my best to your child.  Additionally, as a graduate of Dobson High School in 1989, I, like you, have had the pleasure of experiencing our communities’ high school develop into one of the premier schools in the state.  While at Dobson I felt strongly, and am reassured now, that I was being prepared for the rigors of adulthood.  Most of my former teachers, now colleagues, provided me with the tools that I am now privileged to offer your child.  They achieved with me what I hope to instill in your children: a desire to overcome challenges with skills developed in the classroom, as well as outlets to display those skills.

I admit, overcoming challenges and displaying skills may sound nice, but exactly how does one achieve these goals?  I believe my philosophy of education, which seems very simple, has the answer: involving students.  Allowing my Student Council students significant responsibility in making decisions for the student body.  Permitting my English students to challenge me on questions of grammar on their essays. Finally, giving my drama and stagecraft students the facility, tools, and guidance, so that they may produce a production of their own design.  Involving students directly in their education seems to me a powerful way of both teaching and learning.  It was the way I happened to best experience learning while a student at Dobson.  I hope it will be the same experience for your child as well.


Simon Navarro



Dear Student,

While a student myself at Dobson High School, I remember beginning my first days of school with a simple desire: not to get lost.  Really, I wanted to avoid the blank look of not knowing where the heck I was, and the deep fear of finding myself in the principal’s office for being late to every class, all because I couldn’t discern where I was going.  Coming from Rhodes, (which to me seemed ideally sized) Dobson seemed needlessly huge.  I found it hard to believe it was just an architectural accident that I found myself running from the English hall to Boys P.E., sweating in the 110 August heat, to find myself out of breath, and late, once again, simply for missing one turn.  No, it was definitely intentional that Dobson was built for maximum confusion, and for awhile during my sophomore year, I began to feel I would never figure my way around.

Eventually, I did.  With the help of outstanding teachers, my involvement with drama, speech & debate, basketball, and student council, I quickly realized Dobson wasn’t so intimidating after all.  I came to understand that making my experience at Dobson memorable relied a great deal upon me, and as your teacher, I feel strongly that I should help you achieve the same realization.  Now, I am realistic.  Not all of you are going to quickly rush out and join every club Dobson has to offer (although it is not entirely a bad idea).  Nor are all of you going to earn A’s, B’s, or C’s.  For me, making Dobson work towards helping you achieve your goals is what I find most important about my job as your teacher.  Be assured that I will be giving you my best efforts, and if you think I am not, let me know.  I may not agree with you, but I won’t hold a grudge.  Our time together will be very short in the scheme of your experience here at Dobson, and I plan on spending as much of it helping you figure your way around, both now and after you graduate.

Sincerely, your teacher,

Simon Navarro