About our Program:

The Dobson Mini Mustangs Child Development Center is a high school lab preschool serving the needs of young children ages 3-5, as well as the high school students enrolled in the Education Professions Program in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department. 


The preschool-aged students are involved in learning several Kindergarten readiness skills such as numbers, math, alphabet, writing, cutting, problem-solving, calendar and self-help skills.  We also use the AZ Early Learning Standards, Kindergarten AZCCRSS, and Teaching Strategies to guide our curriculum.


As a component of our program, the high school students do observations, plan and teach lessons to the preschool-aged children under the supervision of our professional staff.  The center provides a supportive environment in which the students may refine child development skills, employability and human services skills learned in their coursework.  The program is full of great interaction for both the preschoolers and “big kids” (high school kids) alike.


High school students may also be affiliated with the FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) and FEA (Future Educators of America) student organizations and attend leadership conferences.




Program Goals:                         


Develop a positive sense of self-worth

Develop independence

Develop problem-solving skills

Develop large and small motor coordination

Develop intellectual curiosity about the world

Develop positive social skills, including cooperation

 and interdependence

Develop respect for one’s own rights as well

  as the rights of others

Develop self-expression skills 

Develop language skills, both listening

 and speaking

Develop academic skills