September 23, 2017

Getting Technology Help

Student Help Desk

If you are experiencing issues with your device, complete the Student Help Desk form by going to Dobson’s home page,, and clicking on the Student Help Desk button. A technology representative will come to your classroom to assist you.

Two Students working on a computer in Microsoft OneNote

Tech Tip

Tablet Mode in Windows 10 (how to turn it off)

When you flip your keyboard over, your device switches to Tablet mode. Sometimes when you flip the keyboard back, the device stays in Tablet mode and does not allow you to see your regular Desktop. To fix this, swipe in from the right and click on Tablet Mode to turn it off.

What’s ‘APPening?

  • Screen Sketch with Windows Ink Workspace - Windows key+W
    Screen Sketch allows you to capture a window and annotate on it. Annotation tools include pen, pencil, and highlighter. It also includes a ruler and protractor for drawing straight lines and arcs. To activate Screen Sketch, press the Windows key+W on your keyboard and choose Screen Sketch (or click on the Pen tool at the bottom right on your screen). For more information, visit this article.

  • PaperRater
    PaperRater ( assists students with their writing by checking grammar, spelling, and writing technique such as vocabulary usage, sentence length, transitional phrases, passive voice, and readability. It also provides a printable report. It is super easy to use--simply copy and paste text up to 5 pages into the program, no log in needed--and it’s free! PaperRater is great for students to use in any class!



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