Lunch Program

Students may bring a sack lunch or purchase a lunch from the Mesa Public Schools lunch service. School lunches cost $1.95 per day. A drink is included with the lunch. White milk, chocolate milk and a choice of juice drinks are available. Drinks may be purchased separately for 50¢.

We prefer parents deposit money on their child's account for school lunches. Checks/money should be turned in to the child's first period teacher.

Parents can go to the following web-site to place money on their child's lunch account:


Click here to view lunch menu.


Lunch and Recess Procedures

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade have lunch each day from 11:15-11:35.  Recess is from 11:35-11:55.  

Third through eighth grade students have lunch from 12:00-12:15 and recess from 12:15-12:30 on Monday through Thursday.  Friday, lunch is from 12:30-12:45 and recess is from 12:45-1:00.  

Students are expected to enter the cafeteria and either get in line to buy a lunch or sit down at the designated tables. As the students file in to eat, they are asked to sit at certain tables and scoot to the end of each bench.  These procedures allow us to fit all of our students into our area so that Franklin can continue to use the multipurpose room for necessary events and classes.  

Each table is dismissed individually to throw away trash and recycle to control the flow of traffic.  Students then line up to be escorted outside at the same time.  Lunch boxes are placed in bins or along the wall at the playground depending on the grade.  

In the allotted time for recess, students are allowed to play, use the restroom, or relax in the shade during.  All kids are monitored while playing to ensure safety and well-being.