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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

7:45 am - 2:15 pm


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Early Release Wednesday or Fridays

7:45 a.m. - 11:45 p.m.

Important Numbers

Office: 480-472-5300
Attendance: 480-472-5282
Nurse: 480-472-5283
Cafeteria: 480-472-5346 

Edison Contact Information

Edison Contact Information

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Edison Elementary

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Edison News

AZMerit Results

Results of the 2016 AzMERIT test were released yesterday by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and show modest gains in many grades in both math and English language arts.

Students in third grade through high school took the assessments during the last school year. Individual student score reports will be available to parents at the start of the 2016-17 school year. Edison showed growth in 6 of the 8 tested areas.  Way to go Eagles.



Joanie Seavey, Kids Corner program director at Edison, recevied the 2016 Program Line Staff of the Year award from the Arizona Community Education Association, for consistently going above and beyond to deliver outstanding programming to children.  

Edison students in Mrs. Charnofsky's class have been adopted by the Bobcats of Ohio University for their AVID college connection. Students received pom-poms and other college materials as well as personal letters from college pen pals for the students. Way to go Room 20 Eagles.

Ohio U in room 20

maine- educEdison students in Mrs. Donohue's class have been adopted by Maine University as their AVID college connection. Our students letters and even an Edison shirt now hang up in the Education Department at Maine University.  Way to go Room 19 Eagles.

Thanks a Bunch!!!

Edison would like to thank the Assistance League of the East Valley for their support of our families with clothing and shoe needs this school year.

Edison families were very thankful for the wonderful school supply donations from the Breakfast Optimist Club of Mesa.  In addition, they brought coats as donations for our students and with the change in weather our students really appreciate the warm gear.  Thanks for all you do for Edison students.  

Edison would also like to thank AZ Still for their dental care support for our students.  We had 30 Edison students receive extra special treatment this past week.  We know healthy and happy students do a better job learning and we appreciate our community partners for their support of education and our community.

STMath Success

Edison is proud to announce that we have students that have completed their grade level curriculum already this year.  Way to rock Jiji!!!


Room 2

Isaac A., Jonathan C., Kennedy F., Simon N., Gerald G.

Room 3

Tanner L., Michael I

Room 4

Rashid A., Janexis C., Alex H., Aram M.,

Dallas P., Bianca R., Nevaeh T

First Grade

Room 10

Nidia T., Elder P., Luis P., Clarissa A.

Second Grade

Room 11

Sebastian B., Heather S., Jason T., Apiata T., Fox A.

Third Grade

Room 20

Bobby K.,

Room 21

Yamileth C., Susan A.

Room 28

Carson A., Ryen W., Brenden A., Ammon W.

Fourth Grade

Room 17

Caleb P., Katie P., Taytum W., Natalie S., Regina L., Desiree G., Luke M.,

Valery C., Dakota B., Mariyah B., Janel E., Lincoln J., Thomas D., Emma L., Alexa L. 

Room 18

Maite G., Jessica C., Avery F., Diego C.,

Alex A., Eliza D., Garrett J.

Fifth Grade

Room 27

McKay S., Skylar R., Will M., Joseph H.

Room 32 

Mykiah B., Taylor S., Isis C.

Room 33

Katheryn R., Alexis J., Roman J., Mia Q.,

Sixth Grade

Room 23

Caleb M., Esmeralda J., Porter B., Jorge R.

Room 24

Diego R., Moises M., Barbara G., Austin L., Grace P.

Room 25

Chandler B., Alan A., Bryan W., Cristian H.

jiji on blue

AVID Elementary

Edison is proud to be an AVID campus.  We are building a culture of student performance and college readiness.  We will develop students with the skills needed to organize their work, study for exams and apply their thinking to a variety of learning tasks.  

avid logo 2015

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My Math Login

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Edison Brags

My Own Books- April 30th 

Thanks to Mary and Joni for a great event for our Edison families.  Thanks to our staff from first grade for attending.

my own books


Attendance Winners 

April 2016

Primary- Mrs. Witt

Intermediate- Mrs. Donohue

March 2016

Room 13- Mrs. Witt

Room 18- Mrs. Smith

February 2016

Room 13- Mrs. Witt

Room 19- Mrs. Donohue

January 2016

Room 13- Mrs. Witt

Room 34- Mrs. Goff 


Science Fair Winners - 5th and 6th grades

Austin L. 

Taylor S. Mia Q. Katheryn R.

Caia P.

Jasmine M.

Ana C.


Spelling Bee Winner-Manon D.

Runner Up-Katheryn R.


STMath Class Leaders

Room 4- Kinder

Room 9 - 1st

Room 11-2nd

Room 28- 3rd

Room 17-4th

Room 27 and 33 tied - 5th

Room 24- 6th

Room 10-ELD

Service Learning Partners

Thanks to all of our Service Learning student interns that are working on our campus this semester. We really appreciate the effort you have shown our community with your service and student support.  Our kids love having you on our campus and teachers have enjoyed hosting.

This year we have had interns that represent Grand Canyon (GCU), Arizona State (ASU), Northern Arizona (NAU), Mesa Community College (MCC), and University of Phoenix.




 mccuniv of phx

Head Start @ Edison

Head Start @ Edison

Edison hosts Maricopa County HeadStart M-TH in 2 sessions per day. Session 1 8:00-11:30 a.m. and session 2 is 12:30-4:00 p.m.

Image of MPS Student of the Month

MPS Student of the Month

6th Grade

MPS Student of the Month

Emeralda Juarez was named the MPS Student of the Month and was recognized at the January Board Meeting. Read more

Rotary Luncheon

Rotary Luncheon

Edison students attend the Mesa Rotary Luncheon

Junior Achievement @ Edison

Junior Achievement @ Edison

JA Day 2015- Thanks to those that gave up their day to help our students.

“We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.”—Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso mr rogers

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. - Fred Rogers

Shake It Off

Ice Bucket

Cotton Eye Joe

Give Them 20

Ocean Animal Form