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Edison News-Battle of the Books Champs!!!

battle champs pic













Our Edison team won the 2018 Battle at the Chandler Library. Congrats to them for all their hard work studying and preparing for the nerve racking competition.  Thanks to Mrs. Mountford for her efforts as well to run our program.

Edison had 3 students host projects for the MPS Gifted and Talented Showcase night last week.  Students from around the district showed off their projects and hard work.

gt showcase scratch codelego bat project










math team pic

Edison 6th graders have been busy competing in academic contests this month.  Our Edison Math team of Emma, Taytum, Katie and Caleb took 6th place in the MPS Team Math Challenge.  Katie won the mental math showdown and placed in several individual contest areas.  Way to go!!!

battle of the books - 3rd place teamOur Battle of the Books team also has been busy.  The team of Emma, Katie and Caleb took 3rd place in the District contest and qualified for regionals which will be coming up soon.  We wish them luck as they keep battling.


beach day pic

Edison had several classrooms that earned grant donations from the Ripple company donation to DonorsChoose.  Ms. Freshley, Mrs. Luebbert, Mrs. Elmer and Mrs. Soloff all had their projects funded during this $29 million donation from the company sponsor.  Edison students will enjoy the new items for class from books, science equipment, and classroom furniture.  Thanks to those teachers for getting those grants on for this wonderful opportunity.

Edison’s STEAM Team participated in the MPS SciTech festival on Saturday, March 3rd.  The team built catapult kits for students to build and test. Students and their families were launching marshmallows at our targets from different locations and using different sizes of marshmallows to test their designs.  We had a great turnout and we appreciate everyone giving up their Saturday to represent our school in this fun event.

Edison also had 3 students that earned recognition and awards for their entries in the district Science Fair.  Alyson E. won an honorable mention for her entry with a see-through egg and in the group category, Chase R. and Kenadie T. won for their blender bike design.  We are so proud of all our students that built and entered projects for both the Edison STEAM fair and the district competition.

Edison staff also had a night at the Coyotes hockey game thanks to our PE department hosting the Coyotes for our PE classes this past week.  The team comes out twice each year to work with our students.  This year they provided equipment for our classes and provided the tickets to attend.  They had great seats and enjoyed the game.  Thanks Coyotes for your support.

staff members at Coyotes hockeygreat seats at Coyote hockey

love books reader

students watching reader

I LOVE Books came to visit our K-1 classes last weekend enjoyed a great presentation with a dynamic reader/performer to get our kids excited about learning to read for fun.

Edison Xplore

Joanie Seavey, Xplore program director at Edison, received the 2016 Program Line Staff of the Year award from the Arizona Community Education Association, for consistently going above and beyond to deliver outstanding programming to children.  

kids corner

Ms. Osuna Nationally Board Certified Teacheraward

Edison SLD teacher Anne Osuna was recognized as a National Board Certified teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.  She worked to demonstrate her instructional and management skills for the review and the use of her lesson plans, lesson observations and student results to qualify her for this prestigious award.  We are proud of her efforts to represent the professionalism of MPS teaching staff.



Donors Choose Grant for 2nd Grade  pics on the STEM webpage

students use cubelet robotMrs. Elmer got funded for another DonorsChoose project for MakeyMakey.  This project will let her students work on STEM projects and explore how to build items with various functionality.

stem cubelets rm 13

Mrs. Elmer recently received news that her ELD students will be working with robotics in the coming months thanks to her STEM project design.  He 2nd grade class of ELD learners will use the robotics lessons to be a tool for language development.  Thanks to the generous donors for making this dream project a reality.  Mrs. Elmer, you rock!

5th Grade - Art Project   Edison Rock Garden- 

rock garden Thanks to our parent volunteers for helping to make this happen for rooms 27 and 28.  The students had a blast making these creations.

PBIS Winners

Congrats to our PBIS drawing winners... Jody's red wagon, Daymi's bike and Sebastian's bike.  Thanks to our donors for these prizes our kids were excited to win.

Edison Teacher Gets Grant for STEM Activities from Donors Choose. Read the story.

Mrs. Soloff

Mrs. Soloff, fourth-grade teacher, (left) was named an Honorable Mention finalist for Science Teacher of the Year in 2016-17 from the Arizona Science Teacher Association (ASTA) at their November awards banquet.

Donors Choose Snap Circuits

snap circuit pic- room 17

Mrs. Soloff's class was awarded funding for Snap Circuit to enhance the 4th grade electronics and problem solving units for science and critical thinking skills.  Thanks to those that supported her class in this project.  Some donors were from our community and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Edison Teacher Earns ADE STEM Scholarship


Ms. Freshley (above) was recently awarded a scholarship to cover the costs of her future learning to earn a STEM certification from Rio Salado.  Mrs. Freshley is her third year teaching 4th grade at Edison.  We look forward to her sharing her courses to bring these kinds of activities to our campus. 

Donors Choose Funded Grant
Ms. Freshley also got her Donors Choose project funded for light inserts for her classroom to help set the environment for learning in her room.


to Edison Art teacher Shelley Richardson who was recently recognized by the MPS Governing Board for 30 years of perfect attendance to her work duties.  Mrs. Richardson is dedicated to our students and works at five schools each week to teach student the skills needed to be successful artists. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Richardson.

board room

Mr. Livingston- Music Conference Presentation

conf pic

Edison students (left) performed for the AZ Music Educators' Conference under the direction of Todd Livingston. Todd is the Band Director for both Edison and Kino.  He presented to the conference to highlight elementary band skills.



Constitution Week @ Edison

This year, local attorneys gave of their time to visit and teach Edison students about the U.S. Constitution.  We appreciate them giving this experience to our students so we can help develop an informed citizenry.

adams visit

Right - Abigail Adams visits 5th and 6th grades to teach students about the history behind the era of the framing of the U.S. Constitution.






Local Attorney Teaches Edison 6th graders About the First Amendment.

Colin Kapernick, Dress Codes for Work and Campaigning for President were topics explored within the First Amendment.

Thanks a Bunch!!!

Desert Sounds provides Edison students with instruments so that they can play in our school orchestra and band groups.  This year 4 students have instruments provided through the Jeremy Project.  

We have also benefited from the support of the East Valley Pops for funding and concerts for our students.

Our thanks for supporting our students developing their musical talents.

ev - assitance league

Edison would like to thank the Assistance League of the East Valley for their support of our families with clothing and shoe needs this school year. The organization hosted 45 students and their families last week at the Extension and Southern Target to allow them to shop. Students loved the new items they were able to select and families appreciated the experience.

Edison students were the lucky recipients of school supply donations from the Mesa First Church of the Nazarene. Pastor David Caudle leads the local congregation . Pastor David Caudle

Edison families were very thankful for the wonderful school supply donations from the Breakfast Optimist Club of Mesa.  Students received backpacks of supplies and others added to their class supplies form their generous donation.  Last year they donated both supplies and coats for our Edison students.  Thanks for all you do for Edison students.  

Edison would also like to thank AT Still for their dental care support for our students.  We had 30 Edison students receive extra special treatment this past week.  We know healthy and happy students do a better job learning and we appreciate our community partners for their support of education and our community.

Safety Town- Banner Health

Banner Health and ASU volunteers came to Edison to teach our young learners about being safe in their homes and in the community.  The volunteers built a small town in our gym to show students the reality of situations that can pose a risk to them.

Banner Health Logo Safety Town logo

AVID Elementary

Edison is proud to be an AVID campus.  We are building a culture of student performance and college readiness.  We will develop students with the skills needed to organize their work, study for exams and apply their thinking to a variety of learning tasks. 

avid logo 2015




Learn about AVID in MPS.

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Edison's 60th Birthday Celebration

Thanks to our PTO for sponsoring Edison's 60th Birthday Celebration.  There will be food trucks for family dining, outdoor games and a celebration of learning.  

ppp logo

We had a blast at our recent Peter Piper Pizza night.  Students had fun at the contests for dough stretching, bingo, and ice cream eating with a challenge for Edison staff.  We had a lot of fun playing the games, visiting and seeing who was the best in each contest.  Isaiah in 4th grade was our big winner and Mrs. Elmer was our top staff winner for staff ice cream eating.

kona ice image      

PTO will be hosting Kona Ice days when the weather heats up after Spring Break. Start saving so you can enjoy the cool treats.

howies pizza

Thanks to Hungry Howie's for their support of student awards.  They donated a huge number of awards for us to offer our students.

Community Connections

srpEdison SRP Website
Edison has been selected to be an SRP energy conservation school.  Mrs. Delmoe and Mrs. Rednour are leading our efforts to conserve and have attended SRP training sessions to lead our school. We are learning about our campus electricity use and how to do a better job in efficiently using our tech tools for learning.   

Service Learning-Thanks to all of our Service Learning student interns that are working on our campus this semester. We really appreciate the effort you have shown our community with your service and student support.  Our kids love having you on our campus and teachers enjoy hosting.

This year we host interns that represent Grand Canyon (GCU), Arizona State (ASU), and Northern Arizona (NAU).  





STMath Success

jiji on blueEdison students in grades K-4 work with this program to help them build math skills.  We are glad to keep this program for our students. Rock on Jiji!!!

ALEKS Math - grades 4-6


Students at Edison will practice their math skills using a program called ALEKS.  This web based program allows each student to work at an individual pace following a unique learning path as they advance their skills and close any knowledge gaps they have in specific math concept areas.

MPS Governing Board Award Winners

Edison was honored to be a spotlight school at the 9-26 MPS Board Meeting.  We were able to honor a student (Eseta T.) a volunteer, (Mrs. Peterson), a teacher, (Ms. Gramstad), and our Customer Service champ (Mrs. Maldanado).  We had a great turn out of family and staff to support our winners.

t and j   j and j

Each person received an award and got to meet the MPS Board members as part of their recognition.  We are so proud to have them represent us as Edison Eagles.


rr week logoRed Ribbon Week

Congrats to our Red Ribbon Poster Contest Winners for 2017.

K- Kaylee K.,1st- Chloe L.,2nd- Jillian P.,3rd- Annie D.,4th- Elizabeth V., 5th- McKenzie M.,6th- Katie P.

Our motto was "The Drug Free Force is With Me."

Eagle Scout Projects

Edison has been the lucky recipient of 5 Eagle Scout Projects this year.  Our most recent projects took the form of Big Jenga game sets used at our 60th Year celebration and a 1-100 math chart and class line up spaces for our Kindergarten students. The games will be a big hit with students as they learn to use them. 

Other projects included technology updates to our classroom tablets for grades K-2 and Rek-n-Reks for helping students learn math skills using slider tools that resemble a small abacus with red and white beads.

Thanks to all of our Scouts for their hard work to benefit our students.

1-100s math chart  on playground  jenga game project 

Edison Contact Information
Edison Contact Information

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Head Start @ Edison
hs icon

Edison hosts Maricopa County HeadStart in room 5 on our campus. This year, there is one class session for all students attending the preschool.


Logan S., a sixth grader from room 25, became a two time winner for the Edison Spelling Bee.  He represented Edison at the MPS Regional Spelling Bee and placed in the top 10 at the big contest.  Congrats to Logan for all his hard work to represent Edison.

Thanks to Ms. Jenni and Ms. Cobley for sponsoring the event and to our judges for their effort to help host the competition. 2nd place went to Katie P. from room 23, also in 6th grade.

spell bee spell bee 2

Teacher's Talent Show 2017

“We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.”—Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. - Fred Rogers mr rogers


Attendance Champs

At School, On Time, Ready to Learn

March K-2 Rednour Room 8 1st grade, 3-6 Hall Room 14 4th grade

February  K-2  Room 1  Gramstad  Kinder     3-6  Room 14  Hall   4th grade

January  K-2 Room 8 Rednour  1st grade     3-6 Room 14 Hall     4th grade

December K-2 Room 13 Elmer 2nd grade  3-6 Room 21 Robertson 3rd grade

November  K-2 Room 10 Johnson 1st grade 3-6 Room 14  Hall  4th Grade

October K-2 Room 9 D'Anna 1st grade  3-6 Room 28 Scott 5th grade

September- K-2 Room 8 Rednour 1st grade, 3-6 Room 14 Hall 4th grade

August - K-2 Room 8 Rednour 1st grade,  3-6 Room 21 Robertson 3rd grade

PE News

Edison recently completed our Track and Field events and our grade level champs for the 50 yard dash were recognized for their races. 

Edison Dash Champs


1st: Ozzy O   2nd: Jax C.

1st: Amari A.  2nd: Elyssa M.

1st: Carter C.  2nd: Oscar C.
1st: Sundee S.   2nd: Julia M.

1st: Landon S.   2nd: Jalen C. 
1st: Eliza W.      2nd: Anna M.

1st: Santiago V.  2nd: Isaac R.
1st: Allison M.  2nd: Yaquelin B.

1st: Shawn S.   2nd: Delano B. 
1st: Briessia P.    2nd: Yazmine H.

1st: Isaac M.    2nd: Jet S.
1st Charlotte L.  2nd: Darla M. 

1st: Luke M.  2nd: Christopher V. 
1st: Emma L.  2nd: Sherlyn H. 

Mr. Capon and Mr. Henderson hosted a PE demo night for our 1st and 2nd grade students and their families.  Students went through the lesson components for all MPS PE blocks with a warm up, strength and conditioning, and then a fun unit using the ropes for swings and climbing. Everyone had a great time and we appreciate their efforts to host football and hockey season for our kids after school.  

pe-2  pe climbing

Skateland - Student Council Night

Edison's Student Council hosted Skateland costume night in October.  We had a great turnout and a fun costume contest for those that made it out.


Peter Piper Pizza - Ice Cream Challenge

Peter Piper Pizza Ice Cream Eating Contest

Edison Students Enjoying Michael DiSpezio (click for video)