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School Hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Wed7:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Office Hours

Mon - Fri7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

A/B Days - Modified In-Person

These documents should provide all the answers for school starting.  

Edison Families- 12 pages


Edison Contact Information


Family To Do List


You must have a mask to come into the office.  Please know we are very busy at arrival and about 15 minutes prior to dismissal.  You will have to make an appointment to see our counselors or administrators as they will be helping get students to the right classes.

Do not use 5th Street for drop off.  Buses will use 5th Street.  Drop off and pick up will all be on 6th Street.

Visitors are not allowed into campus during Modified In-Person schedules.  Breakfast in the cafeteria for pick up at 7:10 and students will eat in their classrooms.  Students will bring home meals for their off days if they order them in their classrooms during breakfast.


School Hours.  7:10 Breakfast, 2:00 dismissal

7:30-2:00 daily for classes

Lunch Schedule- click here


All parent pick up will be on 6th Street. (north side)

Bus Routes will use 5th Street. (south side)


Masks- see the video for safety on breaks


A students come to school on Monday and Thursday

B students come to school on Tuesday and Friday

No students have classes on campus with their teacher on Wednesdays.


Onsite Program- students will report to school on their off day- get breakfast and go to the Media Center with their laptop, cord, mask and water.

A's go to Onsite for Tues, Wed and Friday.

B's go to Onsite for Mon, Wed, Thursday.


Please check your parent portal to see which group your student is assigned to starting 9-14 and 9-15.


Remote Teachers- Students attend through their laptop.

Kinder- Gramstad

1st- Payne

2nd- Warren

3rd- Scott

4th- Soloff

5th and 6th grades will stay in their original classes and get links for their schedule to follow when they are remote learners.   


Meals Programs

All students can order meals for their non-school days to be brought home.  We are currently packing and handing these out just before students leave campus each day around 1:45.  Encourage your children to ask for it, teachers submit a daily order list for each class.    

A day- Mondays order for Tues/Wed. , Thursdays order for Fridays

B day- Tuesday - order for Wed/Thurs, Fridays order for Monday 


Meals for Remote Learners-Full-time remote learners (and any child under 18) can pick up meals from 7 to 8 a.m. at participating junior high schools or 6:45 to 7:45 a.m. at participating district high schools on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students will receive two meals on Mondays and three meals on Wednesdays.

Edison Counselors

Edison is very fortunate to have 2 outstanding school counselors to help our students be the best they can by learning social and coping skills for challenges they can face growing up.  They have worked very hard to create resources for students and families to use to help them manage their emotions and achieve their life goals.

Please reach out to them if you are in need of tools to work with your student.  They will be glad to help you with services and community supports that can meet your needs.

Tech Support

As more students are using school laptops than ever before, the need for tech support has sharply increased.

Families should try to use the Help Line to solve computer issues with thier technology.  The number is 480-472-0044.


If any of your students tell you that they broke their school device, please contact their parents and let them know they can go to the MPS info systems webpage  on there it states if damage is done to a student device, the parent needs to put on a work order at to fix it and then the technician might assign a fine to his student account.


Edison Reading Lab

Edison has 4 staff members dedicated to helping improve our students reading skills.  They work with students of all ages to improve phonics, fluency and comprehension skills.  Students benefit from small group interaction and focused support across their skill development. 

This year they are also building a series of resources for parents to use to improve their reading practices at home.  

Kids that spend time reading are better readers.  So put down the phone and pick up a book.  Using your imagination is better than any other form of media and we stories can transport us to new places and adventures.

Canine Graduates- Ms. Rowley

Several Edison staff members have interest in using therapy dogs next year on our campus.  Ms. Rowley, and her 2 dogs are the first to graduate from the level 1 training to prepare them to be on campus.  She hopes to be the first of many ready to begin 2021 as class therapy animals.  Kino and Mtn. View both had programs on their campuses this year and students and staff responded to the chance to help manage emotions with the pets.

canine grads

Edison Robotics Team

A series of Edison staff are helping Mrs. Luebbert to sponsor our first Lego robotics team this year.  Students are given challenges to design, build and solve with their creation using Lego kits.  Their first competition will be in December and we look forward to seeing how well they compete.



robotics team pic

Figured Out

Walk to School Day

walk to school pic 2Mesa Police helped us celebrate this event by escorting our student walk north on Horne.  Thanks to the families and officers that helped us host this event.

 walking group pic


DAR Visits Edison

dar visitor

Edison’s 5th graders welcomed Cristina Marvelli and Karen Smith (pictured) from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) as a guest sp

eaker during Constitution Week.  The students were helped in their study of U.S. history from the presentation and each student got their own pocket copy of the Constitution to use.  Thanks to the DAR for their work with our students.

PE Night- 3rd Grade

Mrs. Talamantes and Mr. Kahn hosted families on a stormy night for PE Demo night with our 3rd grade families.  Students and adults of all ages had fun with ropes, games, and stretching to encourage fitness for all.

pe night 1

pe night 2

Peter Piper Night - Sept 17th

Edison hosted a night of fun at the Riverview Peter Piper Pizza.  Thanks to our families for helping us earn almost $300 for our student council. The Peter Piper staff made our event a lot of fun by adding games for our students and their families.  Join us again in the spring when we visit again. 

Max M. won both ice cream eating contests and is now the reigning champ.

peter piper logo

 ice cream contest our champ

Mesa Fire Dept.

Mesa Fire reading to Edison

Mesa Fire visits Edison

Garden Blooms
flower pic

Room 15 garden

Scholastic Curriculum Guides K-6
STEAM at Edison
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PBIS Reflection Form
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Edison Videos

See videos of Edison activities

College Cheers
AVID Elementary

Edison is proud to be an AVID campus.  We are building a culture of student performance and college readiness.  We will develop students with the skills needed to organize their work, study for exams and apply their thinking to a variety of learning tasks. 

avid logo 2015




Learn about AVID in MPS.

STMath Success

jiji on blueEdison students in grades K-6 work with this program to help them build math skills.  We are glad to keep this program for our students. Rock on Jiji!!!

Community Resource Links

These are links for families in need of services beyond school.

Community Connections

Service Learning-Thanks to all of our Service Learning student interns that are working on our campus this semester. We really appreciate the effort you have shown our community with your service and student support.  Our kids love having you on our campus and teachers enjoy hosting.

This year we host interns that represent Grand Canyon (GCU), Arizona State (ASU), and Northern Arizona (NAU).  

asu logo     nau logo  gcu logo


Ekrich Meats - MPS DonorsChoose
donation picture- Ekrich
Community Business Partners with Edison

September 2020

Mrs. Peterson earned a DonorsChoose grant for her class to encourage reading with her first grade class.  The materials will help provide ELA resources for their exploration of America.  

August 2020

Mrs. Elmer earned two grants for her classroom projects for Hot Dotting for math and Science Library.  Both projects are from DonorsChoose projects she designed.  

Mrs. Soloff earned grant materials for her class from the U of A nutrition program "Health Zone".  Items will arrive in the next few weeks for the class.    

July 2020

Mrs. Payne earned grants for her classroom to use wireless microphone equipment to help students hear her lessons more effectively.

Ms. Rowley earned 2 grants for her therapy dogs with equipment they will need when we start in person classes and her dogs help students with SEL supports for 5th grade.   

Mrs. Elmer earned two grants for materials for her classroom.  These materials support math, science and reading lessons for fun and feedback on skill practice.

Student Council 20-21

    2019 and 2020 student council officers


Our student council will host elections in the next few weeks.  All students will run for a position and their are a series of campaign rules to follow for the election.  Each student makes a short video for their campaign that plays the day of student voting.

President - 




Chicks visit 1st grade
picture of chicks in room 8

Ms. Payne brought the barnyard indoors with baby chicks.

Color Wars - Spirit Day
room 7 class pic- all red

room 7 rocks it- in all red

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Edison Preschool
head start icon

Edison hosts Maricopa County HeadStart in room 5 on our campus. This year, there is one class session for all students attending the preschool. This year we added a Kinder U with 2 sessions (am/pm) as well.

kinder u logo preschool

Kinder U @ Edison

Edison Contact Information
Edison Contact Information

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Garden 1
student moving dirt
Garden 2
students shoveling dirt
Garden 3
filling another garden box
Garden 4
filling the last box
3rd Grade- Cider Press

coring apples

Edison students in Mrs. Donohue and Mrs. Charnofsky's class hosted Edison volunteer Elaine Gust and her cider press for a day of apple magic.  Former Edison teachers, current staff, ASU Service Learning Interns and parents all came together to crush 40 pounds of apples into juice and learn about the science of how we get our food.

Students used their muscles to crank the wooden press and crush the apples into juice.  Students also used apple coring machines to slice apples to enjoy eating.  It was a great experience for all involved and we thank Mrs. Gust for her hours of volunteering service at Edison.  She made it a day that our students will never forget.  No blood, no spit, no snot into the press was a chant we won't soon forget.

cider press



Skateland Night

skateland costume winner















Our costume winner from October 2019 Skateland night.  Thanks Student Council for sponsoring our night.  It was well attended and lots of fun for our families.