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Edison News

Edison Bike Winner- Healthy Breakfast Week.  Dr. Seuss Red Fish, Blue Fish Contest

Jonathan C. was the winner of the bicycle. He was the closest guess as to how many fish were in the container.  Congrats and be safe enjoying the new wheels.
cafe bike winner


Mr. Livingston- Music Conference Presentation

Edison students performed for the AZ Music Educators' Conference under the direction of Todd Livingston. Todd is the Band Director for both Edison and Kino.  He presented to the conference.

conf pic


Mrs. Soloff - Science Award

group pic

Mrs. Solofff, 4th grade teacher from Edison earned an Honorable Mention from the Arizona Science Teacher Association (ASTA) at their November awards banquet.  Mrs. Soloff has had consistently high scores on AIMS Science testing in the years she has taught 4th grade and we are proud of her work at Edison.  

Her class activities challenge students to think using the scientific process. Student use hands on lessons to build and test models with the goal of improving their performance by changing variables.  The MPS curriculum provides her with a strong base for hands on exploration science and she has also connected students with real life examples of science work through field trips to Scottsdale Community College for biodiversity and inviting guest speakers to her classroom.



Arizona Western College Pen Pals - room 19 

awc logoYuma, AZ

Students at Arizona Western College have become Pen Pals with a class of 3rd graders in Mesa, AZ.  Former AWC graduate, Kim Donohue, is the teacher of the 3rd grade class that came up with this writing project idea. The 3rd graders recently sent their first letters to AWC students that were specifically addressed to “Dear Future Teacher”.  In the letters, the 3rd graders shared what they hoped to become in the future.

Patricia Powers and Ben Behunin, AWC Professors of Education, both had their classes write letters back to the 3rd graders. Seventy-eight AWC students participated in writing letters back to the 3rd graders.  The AWC students are from Intro to Special Education, Cultural Diversity, and Intro to Psychology classes. 

AWC Introduction to Special Education students explained how they felt being involved in this project:

“Just the feeling that students at such a young age are already being exposed and introduced to college and get to interact with us is such an exciting moment.”

“As future educators, we were very excited to connect with future generations of college students. It will be our upcoming goal to help all of our students prepare for their dream of going to college and building their education.”

“I thought it was a really exciting and fun activity because we are exposing children to someone in college and allowing them to connect with them by asking about things they are interested in. Also, letting the student communicate in a way that is not with technology and create a friend somewhere far from them.”

Mrs. Donohue also has an AWC bulletin board in her classroom, so the 3rd graders can learn more about the College.  The 3rd graders have also had the opportunity to say the AWC chant, while one student acted out being the bull and the other a matador for a school wide assembly.

Constitution Week @ Edison

Abigail Adams visits 5th and 6th grades to teach students about the history behind the era of the framing of the U.S. Constitution.

adams visit

Local Attorney Teaches Edison 6th graders About the First Amendment

Colin Kapernick, Dress Codes for Work and Campaigning for President were topics explored within the First Amendment.


Donors Choose Snap Circuits

Mrs. Soloff's class was awarded funding for Snap Circuit to enhance the 4th grade electronics and problem solving units for science and critical thinking skills.  Thanks to those that supported her class in this project.  Some donors were from our community and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

snap circuit pic- room 17

Arizona Diamondbacks Donate to Mrs. Powell

Mrs. Powell, first grade teacher recently attended the Educator Days hosted by the AZ Diamondbacks and came back with some great donations for her classroom and students.  Thanks to her family for helping her bring back the supplies and prizes.

dbacks-1 dbacks-2

Pokemon Go - Kinder Scavenger Hunt

Ms. Gramstad organized a Pokemon themed scavenger hunt for new Kindergarten students to help them locate landmark areas on our campus.

poke go1

Edison Xplore

Joanie Seavey, Xplore program director at Edison, received the 2016 Program Line Staff of the Year award from the Arizona Community Education Association, for consistently going above and beyond to deliver outstanding programming to children.  

kids corner

Thanks a Bunch!!!

ev - assitance league
Edison would like to thank the Assistance League of the East Valley for their support of our families with clothing and shoe needs this school year.  The organization hosted 30 students and their families last week at the Gilbert and Southern Target to allow them to shop.  Students loved the new items they were able to select.


Edison students were the lucky recipients of school supply donations from the Mesa First Church of the Nazarene.  Pastor David Caudle leads the local congregation . Pastor David Caudle

Edison families were very thankful for the wonderful school supply donations from the Breakfast Optimist Club of Mesa.  Students received backpacks of supplies and others added to their class supplies form their generous donation.  Last year they donated both supplies and coats for our Edison students.  Thanks for all you do for Edison students.  

Edison would also like to thank AT Still for their dental care support for our students.  We had 30 Edison students receive extra special treatment this past week.  We know healthy and happy students do a better job learning and we appreciate our community partners for their support of education and our community.

AVID Elementary

Edison is proud to be an AVID campus.  We are building a culture of student performance and college readiness.  We will develop students with the skills needed to organize their work, study for exams and apply their thinking to a variety of learning tasks. 

avid logo 2015


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Edison Achieves

Congrats to 2 Science teams from Edison for earning 2nd place awards at the recent MPS Sci-Tech festival.  Emma, Macee and Cami looked at the dangers of button cell batteries and Caia and Annalee studied the flexibility of Monster Goo.  Thanks to all that entered the competition and for your hard work to get your projects ready.  Thanks also to our staff that hosted and helped students get prepared for the event.

Edison staff hosted a Sci-Tech booth on recycling and a bottle flip game for student visitors.  It was Edison's 4th year hosting at the event.  


Congrats to Edison Art teacher Shelley Richardson who was recently recognized by the MPS Governing Board for 30 years of perfect attendance to her work duties.  Mrs. Richardson is dedicated to our students and works at 5 schools each week to teach student the skills needed to be successful artists. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Richardson.

board room


Congrats to Mrs. Powell in room 7 for earning a DonorsChoose grant for literacy to support reading in her classroom.  She will be integrating technology with her students to digital media because of the grant.  Way to go, Mrs. Powell.

donorschoose logo

College Cheer- Assembly Winners



Teacher Name
































Attendance Winners @ Edison 

April 2017

K-2 - Ferris
3-6 - Scharpen


March 2017

K-2 Mrs. Witt rm 13

3-6 Ms. Robertson rm 21


February  2017

K-2 -  D'Anna
3-6 - Charnofsky

January 2017

K-2 Rednour

3-6 McCullar


November -December

K-2  Mrs. Ferris-Rm 2

3-6 Mrs. Charnofsky- Rm 20



K-2 Lucas room 4

3-6 Robertson room 13



K-2 Schams - room 14

3-6  Donohue - room 19

Thanks for being on time and doing your best!

Service Learning Partners

Thanks to all of our Service Learning student interns that are working on our campus this semester. We really appreciate the effort you have shown our community with your service and student support.  Our kids love having you on our campus and teachers enjoy hosting.

This year we have had interns that represent Grand Canyon (GCU), Arizona State (ASU), and Northern Arizona (NAU).  





PTO Food Truck & Math Night

Thanks to our PTO and our vendors for a fabulous first Food Truck night.  We had a great turnout, great food and fun activities for our students.  Thanks to Troop 452 for the rope bridge and Raingutter Regata.  Delicious dogs, wonderful waffles and fizzy drinks made the night yummy.

food truck vendor-1fiiz image logoregatta  scouts 

STMath Success

Edison students that work to complete their assigned curriculum will be posted here each month when they reach each 25% level.  Many students have already worked above level in the past year and looking forward to this year's challenges.  Rock on Jiji!!!

jiji on blue

ALEKS Math - grades 3-6

Students at Edison have the opportunity to practice their math skills using a program called ALEKS.  This web based program allows each student to work at an individual pace following a unique learning path as they advance their skills and close any knowledge gaps they have in specific math concept areas.


Soaring Eagles - Math Facts

May Winners

May Winners

Mrs. D’Anna, room 9: Isaac A., Natalie T. & Gael D.

Mrs. Rednour, room 8: Ana M., William B. & Hilda G. (2nd time winner)

Mrs. Warren, room 11: Braden B., Sydney T., Samson T. (2nd time winner), Heidi L. (3rd time winner) Allison M. (4th time winner)

Mrs. Luebbert, room 12: Genesis A., Valeria S. & October K. (3rd time winner)

Mrs. Pitney, room 14:  Angel E., Kaydee S. (3rd time winner) & Sandra M. (4th time winner)

Mrs. Donohue, room 19: Isabella C.

Mrs. Peterson, room 18: Julian C. & Laird P. (2nd time winners)

Ms. Warren, room 28: Aralynn J.

Ms. Scharpen, room 32: Maite G. (4th time winner)

Mrs. Delmoe, room 33: Diego C.

Mrs. Gerbens, room 24: Juliet X. (2nd time winner) & Osvaldo M. (3rd time winner)


March Winners

March Winners

Mrs. Warren, room 11:  Samson T., Heidi L.(2nd time winner), Allison M. (3rd time winner)

Mrs. Luebbert, room 12: Arla W.

Mrs. Pitney, room 14: Garrett S., Leah D. (2nd time winner), Fernando V. (2nd time winner), Sandra M.(3rd time winner)

Mrs. Rednour, room 8: Hilda G.

Mrs. Donohue, room 19: Sinei T.

Mrs. Peterson, room 18: Laird P.

Mrs. Park, room 27: Desiree G. (3rd time winner)

Mrs. Scharpen, room 32: Eliza D., Pablo R., Lily A Andrews

Ms. Johnson, room 10: Angel G.

Ms. McCullar, room 23: Cami M. ( 2nd time winner)

Mr. Bradshaw, room 25: Alexis J.


February winners

Mrs. D’Anna, room 9: Jonathan C.

Mrs. Charnofsky, room 20: Heather S.

Mrs. Peterson, room 18: Isaac M. (4th time winner)

Mrs. Park, room 27: Dakota B.(2nd time winner), Desiree G. (2nd time winner)

Mrs. Delmoe, room 33: Valery C.

Mrs. Scharpen, room 32: Maite G. (3rd time winner)

Ms. McCullar, room 23: Skyler R. (4th time winner)

Mrs. Gerbens, room 24: Juliet X., Osvaldo M. (2nd time winner)


December winners

Room 11       Heidi L., *Allison M.
Room 12       *October K.
Room 14       Leah D., Damian B.,
Fernando V., *Sandra M.
Room 17       Ammon W., *Amber P.
Room 18       *Isaac M.
Room 27       Luke M., Garrett J.,
*Taytum W., *Katie P.
Room 23       Mia Q., Macee M., *Skyler R.
Room 24       Osvaldo M., *Summer N.
Room 25       Will M.

November winners

Mrs. Warren, room 11: Allison M.

Mrs. Luebbert, room 12: October K.

Mrs. Schams, room 14: Kaydee S. (2nd time winner)

Mrs. Soloff, room 17:  Zariah G., Landen W., Susan E., Jewell R., Bobby K.,  McKenzie M. (2nd time winner), Brenden A.(2nd time winner, 296 problems in 7 min.), Jocelyn G. (2nd time winner, 235 problems in 7 min.), Carson A. (3rd time winner, 295 problems in 7 min.) & Jeremey C. (3rd time winner, 226 problems in 7 min.)

Mrs. Peterson, room 18: Julian C., Isaac M.

Mrs. Park, room 27: Katie P. (2nd time winner)

Mrs. Scharpen, room 32: Jessica C.(3rd time winner), Bryan A., Maite G. & Jamel G.

Mrs. Gerbens, room 24: Emilio C. (2nd time winner, finished in 4.5 minutes), McKay S. (3rd time winner, finished in 3.5 minutes)

Ms. McCullar, room 23: Cami M., Osvaldo M., Summer N. (2nd time winner), Skyler R.(2nd time winner, finished in 3:45 minutes)

October Soaring Eagles

Carson A. & Jeremey C.-(2nd time winners, completed 5th grade test), 4th - room 17 Jessica C. - (2nd time winner, completed the 6th grade test- 5th room 32 McKay S.-(2nd time winner, finished in 4.5 minutes)


Mrs. Schams, room 14: Kaydee S., Sandra M.

Mrs. Soloff, room 17: Jocelyn G., Jewell R. Amber P., McKenzie M., Brenden A.

Mrs. Park, room 27: Katie P., Desiree G., Taytum W.

Ms. McCullar, room 23: Skyler R.

Mrs. Gerbens, room 24: Emilio C.

September Soaring Eagles: 

Mrs. Soloff, Room 17: Carson A., Jeremy C.
Ms. Scharpen, Room 32: Jessica C.
Mrs. Gerbens, Room 24: Summer N., McKay S.

Head Start @ Edison

hs icon

Edison hosts Maricopa County HeadStart in room 5 on our campus. This year, there is one class session for all students attending the preschool.

Teacher's Talent Show 2017

“We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.”—Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. - Fred Rogers mr rogers


Shake It Off

Ice Bucket

Cotton Eye Joe

Give Them 20

Turkey Bowl 2016

Team 1:

Janiss Q., Pablo R., Jackson D.,

Luke M., Dominic C., Jamel G 


Team 2:

Abel R., Katie P., Caleb P., Jonathan X., Alex A.,

Diego C., Dakota B.


6th Grade Teams

Team 1:

Aracely L., Yuliana P., Juliet X.,

Gonzalo M., Gunner M., Josue G.


Team 2: 

Adam F-B., Kaden W., Darric A.,

Yuridia G., Gabriel I., Bryson D.

You Tube - Kinder Program 2016

PE News

Edison recently completed our Track and Field events and our grade level champs for the 50 yard dash were recognized at an evening awards show. During the assembly, Mr. Capon (PE) and Mrs. Soloff (4th grade) were recognized by the University of Arizona for their work with students in teaching nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  Congrats to them for their efforts to make our kids better prepared for healthy living.

Edison Dash Champs

Kinder boys - David K. and Max S.   Kinder Girls- Sundee S. and Julia M.

1st gr. boys- Landon H. and Julian D.  1st gr. girls- Nelly B. and Jeniah T.

2nd gr. boys- Santiago V. and Isaac R.  2nd gr. girls- Allison M. and Yaquelin B.

3rd gr. boys- Shawn S. and Nathaniel P. 3rd gr. girls- Amia B. and Juelz M.

4th gr. boys- Victor L. and Isaac M.   4th gr. girls- Charlotte L. and Darla M.

5th gr. boys - Chris V. and Luke M. 5th gr. girls- Lilliana P. and Emily E. 

6th gr. boys- Kaden W. and Ricardo D.  6th gr. girls- Yuridia G. and Tabi L.

 Mr. Capon and Mr. Henderson hosted a PE demo night for our 3rd and 4th grade students and their families.  Students went through the lesson components for all MPS PE blocks with a warm up, strength and conditioning, and then a fun unit using the ropes for swings and climbing.  The families had a great time and we really appreciate them putting in the effort to host for the evening.

pe-2  pe climbing

Skateland - Student Council Night

Edison's Student Council hosted Skateland costume night in October.  We had a great turnout and a fun costume contest for those that made it out.


McTeacher's Night

mcd 1 mcd2

Ms. McCullar, Mrs. Jenni and Mrs. Delmoe help take orders at McTeacher's Night at the Mesa Dr. McDonald's.

Peter Piper Pizza - Ice Cream Challenge

Peter Piper Pizza Ice Cream Eating Contest

Edison Students Enjoying Michael DiSpezio (click for video)

Dbacks Trio


Carson A. Throws D-Backs 1st Pitch

Carson, an Edison 4th grader from Mrs. Soloff's class, was selected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the AZ Diamondbacks throwback jersey game in April.  Carson fired a strike in front of the crowd at Chase Field before the DBacks went out to continue their hot start to 2017 season.  Based on the pitch, it might not be his last visit to the DBacks mound.  Congrats Carson.

Carson A. Throws D-Backs 1st Pitch

student pitching

Carson Tosses to R. Ray

Video of Carson Throwing Out the Pitch