Welcome to Edison Elementary, home of the Eagles!!!

Our program is a full day classroom following the CORE curriculum.  Our teachers work to help your student develop socially, behaviorally and academically each day.  The CORE curriculum is a rigorous and advanced set of learning objectives that stretch our young students to achieve in reading, writing and math.  Gone are the days of naps and bubbles that most people remember from their days in school, but our kids still have fun.

Kinder students attend classes each week for PE, Music, and Media Center skills.  In addition, our students learn safety lessons from Banner Health Outreach to cover a range of topics that apply to our students like water and bike safety.

When students come to school for the first time, they have a wide range of experiences that they can draw from to help them understand lessons and ideas.  We know that some of the challenges they face involve skills that can be practiced at home which will help them meet the goals of learning placed before them.  School readiness ideas are shared below to get your student ready for school.


Fine motor skills are built from a variety of activities that children can learn and practice.  These help them with control for other activities like handwriting or keyboarding.  By letting young children try to learn these skills, parents will need patience and repetition.  Don't practice when you are running late.  It will be slow and messy to start.

Here are some ideas to help build this small muscle control and coordination...

Office / Class Activities
1. Cut out pictures from old magazines, junk mail or newspapers.  Cut both straight and curved lines for maximum control.

2. Practice writing letter and numbers. Try to write their name.

3. Read books- pretending to read, turn pages without tearing and telling stories from the illustrations helps their creativity.

4. Count and Sort Objects

Art / Games

1.  Play with things that squish (Play-Doh), stack (blocks), and fit together (puzzles, Legos).

2. Color or paint things (inside the lines is not critical).  Scribble is repetition.

3. Play games, take turns (waiting is important), pretend (try roles and mimic adults). 


1. Stir, mix, shake and pour.  Messes will occur!!!   Wiping up with a sponge is good.

2. Hold and use utensils to eat and cups to drink.

3.  Set the table to count and see a finished set of items


Visit....http://www.naeyc.org/tyc/ - for even more information for your young learner.


Other things that can help... Ideas from First Things First.  azftf.gov

1. Follow simple directions

2. Use a schedule for daily events

3. Be potty trained

4. Works with other adults and understands to listen to authority figures.

5. Share materials and toys.