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Kindergarten Educational Websites


Monkey Numerical Order

Count Us In Games

Game 1: Counting Sheep

Game 4: Balloon Ordinals

Game 5: Peacock Feathers

Game 7: Bus Stop

Game 13:At the beach

Game Goo

Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion

Paw Park Sassy Seals

Learning Planet

ABC Order

Count Your Chickens LP

Mister Elephant's Matching Game

Number Train


Caterpillar Count

Fishy Count

Mesa Public Library / Tumble Books


and the Big Wide World

Peep Chirp shapes up

Peep fish swish

Peep Flower Power

Peep hop to it

Peep house hunt

Peep memory lane

Peep music and videos

Peep paint splat

Peep trash stash

Peep which fish

PBS Kids

ABCD Watermelon

Between the Lions stories

Blending Bowl

Chicken Stacker

Curious George Apple Picking

Curious George Count Your Chickens


The Quiet Machine

Sky Riding

Theo's Puzzles


Clifford's Letter Round Up

Clifford's Sound Match

Smarty Games

Smarty Games stories


Starfall ABC

Starfall Learn to Read

Starfall music

Starfall nursery rhymes

Starfall sing along songs 1

Starfall Sing Along Songs 2

Turtle Diary

Color By Number

Days of the Week

Count How Many

Learn to Add

Math Story

Months of the Year

Number Series