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SRP - Energy Conservation Project
Mrs. Delmoe & Ms. Riccolo- Edison Energy Coaches

SRP Wrap Battle

car wrap designSRP school of energy has a really fun contest that is coming up.  We are asking students to "WRAP" an electric vehicle with a drawing dealing with energy, saving the earth, etc.

Submit them to Mrs. Delmoe rm 33 or Mrs. Rednour before November 30.  The top three from each school will win a prize from SRP AND the winning 'wrap' will be placed on an SRP electric vehicle.  

Edison winners were Jennifer H. 6th grade and Heather S. 5th grade- Congrats

SRP Poster Contest Winners

2 students srp contest winners

Edison students entered their artistic work in the SRP calendar contest for 2019. Students competed in levels for 3 areas...  K-2, 3-4, 5-6

SRP staff selected our site winners for the contest.  Winners received a fun SRP bottle filled with treats and movie tickets for them to enjoy.

Edison's 2018 Winners   

·         Jennifer H., 5th grade, Mrs. Delmoe

·         Emma L., 6th grade, Ms. McCullar 


Honorable mentions:

·         Susan E., 5th grade, Ms. Riccolo

·         Debanhi C., 5th grade, Mrs. Delmoe

·         Yazmine M., 4th grade, Ms. Freshley

·         Max S., 1st grade, D’Anna

·         Sakina A., 1st grade, D’Anna

·     We depend on electricity to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.  Electricity is the form of energy that provides power for lighting, communication, heating and cooling, and appliances with movement and motion.
Last year, Edison spent almost $109,000 for site electricity.  We hope to cut that by over 5% this year.

Edison Energy News

Edison was featured in the SRP newsletter for our work to promote energy conservation.  Thanks to all of our staff for their help in reducing Edison's power usage.

Edison is participating in the SRP School of Energy Program. The SRP School of Energy is an interactive program designed to engage teachers, students, administration, and facilities personnel in energy conservation efforts by changing behaviors and improving facilities efficiency. SRP has provided our coaches with training and classroom resources designed to increase energy literacy, conservation, and awareness at our school. We plan to accomplish a reduction of energy consumption at our school through staff and student education, hands-on classroom activities, and positive changes to energy consumption behavior on our school campus. 

By increasing energy awareness in staff, students, and the community we are all able to make smarter choices about how we use energy. Reduced energy usage shrinks our impact on the environment and has long term benefits the entire world can benefit from. By spending less on energy our school will have more money for the things that matter most and make for a better future as a result!

Room 33- Energy Shirts

picture of class saying thanks to SRP

Thanks SRP

Room 8 - SRP Shirts

SRP class shirts- 1st grade

class pic - rm 8

Energy Notes-Why Conserve?

Why Conserve? It impacts our resources, pollution and finances.

The average home spends about $1600 annually for energy delivery and use.

Schools in the U.S. spent $6 billion for energy last year.

In AZ, 25% of energy is for air conditioning.  15% of energy use is for heating.

Site Usage 2017

November 2017 Summary:

·         Your energy consumption for November is 11,920 kWh lower than last year, that’s a 15% reduction!


October 2017 Summary:

·         Your energy consumption for October is 9,360 kWh lower than last year (about 9%)


September 2017 Summary:

·         Your energy consumption for September is 5,880 kWh lower than last year (about 5%)

·         Demand decreased slightly

·         Average daily usage is also lower than last year

·         The average temperature was about 1 degree higher than last year

Edison reduces site energy use by 17% In our 2 story building for first quarter

Green Team -32
Team pic on stairs

Edison SRP Green Team- room 32

Green Team - Room 33
team pic on stairs

Edison Green Team - room 33

Trickle Meters
electricity users

How can you save energy at home?  Think about things you have learned that could help your family save away from school.

Holiday Power Saving- Edison Staff

Please use this checklist to ensure you have powered everything down before the holiday break.
Together we can save our school money and help the environment!  
Unplug computer charging carts from the outlet and power down teacher desktop
Shut down student computers and monitors
Power off projectors and document cameras
Manually turn off all lights
Unplug microwaves, coffee makers, other small appliances
Unplug or power-off copy machines

ÿ      Unplug any other miscellaneous items in your room (i.e. sharpeners, cell phone chargers, scent warmers, lamps). 
Turn down your thermostat down