STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Exploration, Creation, Design, and Presentation


The Edison STEAM Fair is being held Feb 11th @ 5:00-6:30 in PE-2.

Student projects will be on display to see how STEAM has impacted our campus.  Come see art from grades 4-6, and science fair entries from grades 1-6.  Photos and results will be posted here.

CSO Projects

Robotics 2020

Edison team working on robot

Edison Robotics

Edison STEM by Grade Level

Kinder- Farming Unit.   Vertuccio Farms trip

1st-  Odysea Aquarium    site trip

2nd- PBL Units    Desert Botannical trip, i.d.e.a Museum

3rd- Apples Unit    Making applesauce- from apples to sauce

4th- SCC trip. careers, AVID exploration

5th- Einsteins Club,     JA Day, Flight Center

6th- Space Unit,  Digital Portfolios, 

K-6.  Coding Units @ Media Center, Garden Units PreK to 5th grade

CSO- Chief Science Officer

Our CSO election is complete and Blake and Jayden were elected to represent Edison.  The students attended the AZ Sci-Tech festival to represent MPS and Edison.

The CSO is the STEM ambassador for the school and helps to plan STEM events and promote STEM learning.  

Elections for this position will be held in the Fall of 2020 in the 6th grade.  Next year, we are adding this position to our Student Council.

state farm logosci center logo





Edison CSOs

Katie P. 2018

Lottie L. 2019

Jocelyn G. 2019

Jayden Kemnitz 2020

Blake Fitch 2020

Our first CSO members

CSO students from 2017-2018

SRP School of Energy, Learn and Save Together

The SRP School of Energy is an interactive partnership between SRP and public elementary schools focused on engaging schools and communities in energy education and conservation efforts.

Program Goals:

- Raise energy awareness in schools
- Engage students, teachers, parents and staff
- Change energy behaviors in a positive way
- Reduce energy consumption at school
- Reduce spending on electricity
- Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Polar Bears, Save the World

At Edison we have cut our energy use, had demonstrations for each of the grade levels sharing information about energy use, worked on cutting the energy use of our technology and our 6th grade classes completed a science kit (provided by SRP) that taught about energy.

SRP Visits Edison

students doing actions to make a light brighter

Light it Up

Generating Electricty

picture of a student riding a bike to make a light brighter

Pedal Power

Visit -STEM Image Gallery

Ultimate Science Guide for Kids

NASA for Students


Engineer Girls

Kids Should See This

Skype a Scientist

STEAM Fair Ideas

stem fair logo

Visit the links to prepare your project.

Video Link- Science Fair

Phet Physics

Science Buddies

Education - Science Fair

Pinterest Science Fair Ideas

More STEM Fair Resources

Science Sites K-6 (new standards)

Hour of Code

Hour of Code Logo

Edison has been involved in the Hour of Code for 3 years and is preparing for involvement this year.

Trying to Find Balance

picture of a student testing a balance design

testing a balance design


picture of student who got it balanced

Got it