Technology Resources

This is a page to put resources to help with the technology.  We will be adding information as we can and as questions get asked.  Please check here first for answers that you may need.  We will try to keep them in categories.

Freckle- SLD

Parents, If your student is starting to use Freckle, please review the information here...

Freckle Student Directions

Upper Grade students - click for directions

freckle logo




Younger Grade students- click for directions


gmail logo

Directions to access your students district Gmail Account.  All of your students information is located through this account.

Logging into Students Email

Step by step directions to log into your
child's district email account


Resources for YouTube

youtube logo

Distraction Free YouTube

Distraction Free YouTube enables you
to see YouTube without all the ads and extras

Google Classroom

Some directions to help use Google Classroom at home.

google classroom logo

Using Google Classroom on XBox and PS4

Video for student access

Google Classroom at Home

Directions for using Google Classroom at home
(These are the Districts directions)

Parent's Guide to G. Classroom

Click here to access a file for parents.

Ayuda en Espanol

Using Google Classroom-  

usando el aula de google

texto, video               




These are resources for Google

google logo

Trouble Shooting Guide for Google

Here is a basic trouble shooting guide for google classroom
for logging into the google apps at home