WEBEX Helps for staff

Locked Meetings

Here is a video tutorial on how to create your webex meeting link that you can email to teachers to share with the students that will be working with you in your small reading intervention group and to do one on one meetings when you pull kids to test on the QPS (Quick Phonics Screener).

One more step I forgot to add in the video is when you are in your WebEx meeting space, click the Meeting option in the top menu and click on "Lock Meeting" - this will make it to where when someone wants to join your meeting, they have to wait in for you to admit them. So, students can't join your meeting early before their scheduled time, etc. I added a photo below to help.


Somewhere in the creation of a webex meeting inside the Canvas course, Canvas is setting the setting that requires users to login to Webex. Until we figure out why Canvas is requiring this setting, the teacher can log in to webex.com themselves, edit their meeting settings, and remove the "require attendees to sign in" option.  This change needs to be done before they start the meeting.

Meeting Logins- disable it



If you are experiencing issues where your students are being prompted to login and verify their identity, there is a setting inside the Webex meeting you can disable to prevent this.  These steps need to be done in advance, prior to meeting/class starting. We are looking into disabling this setting district-wide for future meetings.


1.     Log in to webex.com>sign-in>Webex Meetings

2.     Select the meeting/class by selecting the meeting/class name. Do not click the green button to start the meeting. 

3.     Click on the edit icon Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/pPFspzvQcd8LWz6-O1ZCOy0TN87LspqP-j0jOpUMsm1cWU6FJyOtMNjYtVNSI1JZBPdcsH97vmjOBnwkNW_gsXWbd_osTzMnvRiVq2xNl3kSWNkAxbQXzV2W8qaBGe2-zaEhTL63 to open the settings of the meeting.

4.     Click on the Show advanced options drop down.

5.     Click on the Scheduling Options drop down.

6.     Uncheck the Require attendees to have an account on this site in order to join this meeting.  

7.     Save the meeting. 

8.     Students can now access the meeting through Canvas. 

Here is a 
video link that walks through this process




Where to change the setting in Webex causing the students to have to log in. Video



Webex - Timeouts for Behavior
We've had some issues where students are not behaving correctly during live sessions in WebEx. Obviously, it is up to the teacher on how to handle these situations, but if a student needs to take a time out, here are directions on how to remove them and place them in the lobby. This way, you can let them back in when they (or you) are ready. If you do this, please contact the parent and let them know what happened, so that hopefully it won't happen again! I suggest practicing it with your team first! 

Running Updates- Matt

Lenovo System Update should already be installed on the computer.  They can just open the Windows/Start Menu, type in 'System' and it should show up on the list.  That program may need to update itself if it has been a while, you just have to hit Ok/Next/Yes/Confirm until it is updated.  Have them install all Critical and Recommended updates.  They will want to probably be plugged into power when doing this.

Windows Update is accessed by holding the 'Windows Key' and pressing 'i' , then selecting 'Update and Security.'  Once in the Windows Update screen, make sure to NOT click 'Check for updates,' but to instead click the blue text that says 'Check online for updates from Microsoft Update.'  It should have a long list of those to install, and the computer will prompt you to restart when it is done.  Have them plan for this process to take a good 45 minutes if it hasn't been updated in a while.
Webex- Changing Settings

To not show student faces...


Open Webex Cisco Meetings- enter your email

Preferences- bottom choice- content only