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The Educational Services Division provides comprehensive support and services for the day-to-day functioning of the Mesa Unified School District. The division consists of the associate superintendent, area assistant superintendents, assistant superintendent for Teaching and Learning, and the directors of School Safety and Security and Special Education.  Educational Services works directly with schools and departments to maximize student learning and the services that enhance that learning.

Dr. Pete Lesar, Associate Superintendent, works closely with other members of the Educational Services administration in the delivery of the educational program and all day-to-day operations in each classroom at every school.  Dr. Lesar may be reached at (480) 472-0205 or E-mail Dr. Lesar.


Educational Areas

The assistant superintendents are the direct supervisors of the principals at the schools. The K-8 schools are organized into two geographic areas, east and west. The area assistant superintendents work with schools to manage the day-to-day operation and learning at each school.  Mr. Shane McCord is the assistant superintendent of the K-8 schools in the eastern portion of the district. He may be reached at (480) 472-0207 or E-mail Mr. McCord.  Mrs. Arlinda Mann is the assistant superintendent for the west area K-8 schools and may be contacted at (480) 472-0206 or E-mail Mrs. Mann. Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Holly Williams works with east and west area high schools.  She may be reached at (480) 472-0203 or E-mail Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Susan O'Brien, District Hearing Officer and Taking Charge Supervisor, works with students and their families when an alternative placement is needed.  She conducts discipline hearings, places students at Success Schools, and also works with students to successfully transition back to their home schools. Contact Mrs. O'Brien at (480) 472-0488 or E-mail Mrs. O'Brien.

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Andi Fourlis, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, is responsible for overseeing comprehensive programs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, World Languages, Science, and Social Sciences.  Athletics & Physical Education; Career & Technical Education; Community Education; Creative & Performing Arts; Professional Development; and Eagleridge, Mesa Distance Learning, Native American Education, Title I and School Improvement programs are also under the division of Teaching and Learning.  Dr. Fourlis may be reached at (480) 472-0340 or E-mail Dr. Fourlis.

School Safety and Security

The Director of School Safety and Security, Mr. Allen Moore, oversees security coverage of the Mesa Public School District.  During the school year, the primary focus is two-fold: To provide for the safety and security of our students, teachers, and staff in order to provide a safe learning environment; and to keep students and parents in compliance of the truancy laws. Mr. Moore may be contacted at (480) 472-1152 or E-mail Mr. Moore.

Special Education

The Executive Director of Special Education, Dr. Jan Cawthorne, oversees Special Education, Special Education Preschool, Psychological Services, Section 504, Medicaid Monitoring, Health Services, Student Records, Special Education Records, and the S.H.A.R.P Program.  Dr. Cawthorne may be contacted at (480) 472-0702 or E-mail Dr. Cawthorne.

The Educational Services Division works in partnership with schools and district-level departments and divisions to jointly serve the students in the community with quality, comprehensive education opportunities in superior learning environments with exceptional resources and services.


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