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TEC1116: Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful place when you know how to use it safely. Learn how to protect your personal information & computer, and avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Explore resources that teach students how to be safe online, act responsibly and handle cyberbullying.

TEC1173: Communication- Netiquette, Blogs, Memes, and More!

When students mention Internet trolls and memes, do you think they are talking about imaginary animals? Not sure what the difference is between a wiki, blog & podcast? Ever wondered about online etiquette? In this course you will explore the basics of communicating online and becoming a cyber savvy digital citizen.

TEC1114: Helping Students Find Credible Online Resources

Concerned about fake news? Cyber savvy people need to know search strategies, how to find and evaluate websites, and how to use digital citation resources. Learn how to choose credible online resources for instruction and how to teach these strategies to your students.