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EdTech Courses  |  Monster Hangouts  |  EdTech Live  |  Smart Learning Suite  |  Architeck  |  EdTech on Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Chrome Extensions  |  Tech Tips & Resources


EdTech logo  EdTech Courses

Educational Technology has many courses offered online.  Upon completion of each course, you will earn 75 minutes of recertification credit.  Sign up through Professional Development ERO system.  Select the Course Catalog tab and then use the Curriculum drop-down arrow to select Technology and then Search.

Here is a list of the courses now being offered:

Basic Architeck Online
Big Ideas Overview
Canvas: Introduction to Assignment Design
Canvas: Introduction to Canvas
Canvas: Introduction to Discussion Design
Canvas: Introduction to Modules Design
Canvas: Introduction to Quiz Design
Digital Citizenship: Communication- Netiquette, Blogs, Memes and More!
Digital Citizenship: Helping Students Find Credible Online Resources
Digital Citizenship: Internet Safety
Gamification 1: Theory
Gamification 2: Assets
Gamification 3: Delivery
Gamification 4: Applying Concepts
Get Smart with Architeck Online
Getting Started with Screencasting
Google Classroom: An Introduction
Google Classroom: Beyond the Basics
Google Classroom: Streamlining Workflow
Google Forms: Advanced Tools
Google Forms: An Introduction
Google Forms: Quiz Feature
Google Slides: Switching It Up
Google+: An Introduction
Google+: Communication and Collaboration
Hangouts: An Introduction
Multimedia Best Practices
My Math: Overview
OneNote: Class Notebook
SMART Learning Suite


monster collage  2017 Monster Hangouts

Last year, several MPS teachers participated in the 2016 Monster Hangouts.  Both the teachers and the students loved it, so we're doing it again this year and hope to get more teachers involved.  Monster Hangouts are fun, collaborative, educational activities that will engage your students while meeting several academic standards.
To learn more, find out how it works, read what last year's participants had to say, watch a video highlighting last year's event, and sign your class up, visit the Monster Hangouts resource page.  
This year's Hangouts will be scheduled between October 23 and November 3, but there is much to be done before the actual Hangout event.  If you are interested, please SIGN UP NOW!!  


EdTech Live icon

EdTech Live! is a live video broadcast covering a wide range of educational technology topics relevant to Mesa teachers.  Our most recent episode featured EdTech Trainer, Norm Peckham, doing a Windows 10 overview.  There are over 50 past episodes to view as well as new episodes being recorded each month.  Visit the EdTech Live! resource page to view the videos at any time.    
BONUS:  Teachers in Mesa can also earn re-certification hours for watching the videos. Just pass a short quiz (linked on the video archive page) and a certificate will be emailed to your Inbox.
We would also like to extend an OPEN INVITATION to any MPS employee that would like to be on our show and share or discuss an educational technology topic they use in the classroom.  Teachers always love to learn from other teachers! 

Smart Notebook icon  SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite combines lesson creation and delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one place.  Complete the 75-minute MPS online course to obtain this updated version of Smart Notebook software.  Sign up through the district ERO.
Troubleshooting tips for SMART Boards- if you are trying to use the interactive feature of your SMART Board and it is not responding, try the troubleshooting tips from this document.

Architeck logo  Architeck Website

If you have moved to a new school or department within MPS, please do not delete your website.  Complete the Architeck Location Change Request form and we will move your page to your new job location.  Be sure the form is filled out completely.  If you have any questions, email llsears@mpsaz.org or kkzahner@mpsaz.org.


Twitter image  Follow EdTech on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter for information, tips, and ideas for using technology in your classroom. If you tweet about your class using technology, share it with @MPSAZEdTech so we can share your success.


YoTube Logo  YouTube Video Exception Request

To limit access to videos that may be inappropriate within an educational setting, Mesa Public Schools leverages YouTube's internal algorithm for restricting content. No algorithm is perfect. As a result, educators may find that a YouTube video they wish to use as an instructional resource is currently blocked within the district. In such cases, certificated staff can use this form to request individual videos be made accessible to teachers and students. The request form can also be found on EdTech's YouTube support page.


Chrome Extension IconChrome Extensions for Students

Chrome extensions are mini-programs installed directly within the Chrome web browser to increase the browser's functionality. There are a growing number of Chrome extensions that can be leveraged to enhance student and teacher workflows and increase classroom performance. Unfortunately, there are also a growing number of Chrome extensions that enable students to circumvent our district's web filter. For this reason students cannot download and install Chrome extensions unless they have been added to the district's white list. If you would like to allow your students to take advantage of a Chrome extension that is not currently white listed, please submit your request using this form.

Tech Tips icon  Tech Tips & Resources

Hard Reset

If a screen is logging out when touched, do a hard reset- this seems to work. Press the power button and hold until the red light over the "i" goes out, then restart. 

A hard reset also will allow a frozen computer to restart. 

Reset Student Passwords
You can reset student passwords (active directory/MPSConnect/Canvas etc) at reset.mpsaz.org

Can't Connect to Projector
Locate the small white square WiDi that is connected to the projector, and unplug the power cord and then plug it back in. This resets it. Give it a minute to reload the Ready to Connect screen, then try to connect again.

If you want LanSchool installed on your teacher computer, go to help.mpsaz.org to submit a work order to request Lan School installation. If this is your first time having LanSchool installed, you also should CLICK HERE to fill out a quick form. 
LanSchool may not yet be on the student computers, but I.S. is pushing out the install. This means that at some point, after a student logs in on the computer, the program will install in the background and be available. We don't know when this will occur. If you want to use LanSchool before the pushed install, you can have your students install it on their computers. Here are directions:
Place work orders online
If you haven't already, bookmark help.mpsaz.org for future use. If you want IS to fix your computer, you need to submit a work order request and this is the easiest way to do it. 

Software installs
If you need Sphere (doc cam) software or anything else, here is how you (and your students) should access the Software Center portal:
If you have a bar at the bottom left of your screen that says, "Type here to search" then type the word "software." If you don't have the search bar, then click the Windows icon and type it. Select "Software Center app", then find the program and click it to open, and then click to download. (A tutorial with screenshots can be found here)


Freebie resources that reinforce the Constitution:
SMART Notebook - Constitution Jeopardy game
SMART Notebook -  Declaration Defined
Nearpod lesson - What is Government? Part2
School House Rock - The Preamble
Quizlet: Constitution - choose a study set to learn, flash cards, write, spell, test, match
OpenEd - Lots of resources (assessments, videos, lesson plans), create your account using your district Google+ account.


You have been automatically subscribed to this feed to allow you to receive the first Educational Technology newsletter of 2017-18. If you do not wish to receive future newsletters from Educational Technology, please click the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of this page.


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