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Monster collage Monster Hangouts

Monster Hangouts are fun, collaborative, educational activities that will engage your students while meeting several academic standards.  For the past three years, many MPS teachers have participated in the annual MPS Monster Hangouts event.  It has been a hugely positive, learning experience for both the teachers and the students. We'd love to have more classes involved this year.  

To learn more, find out how it works, read what past participants had to say, watch videos highlighting past years' events, and sign your class up, visit the Monster Hangouts resource page.  

This year's Hangouts will be scheduled between October 21 and November 1, but there is much to be done before the actual Hangout event. The deadline to sign up is September 16th.
 If you are interested, please SIGN UP NOW

For more information, contact your EdTech Trainer.

Reboot Revolution icon  Reboot Revolution

Reboot Revolution Podcast is back with a new episode. Carrie Seather talks with Julie Coad from Carson Junior High about how she uses Google MyMaps in her Science classroom.  In the conversation she suggest ways that it could be used in other subject areas and how it is user friendly enough for elementary students. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we launch our REVOLUTIONARY LEADERS addition to the show.

You can follow on Instagram and subscribe on Apple PodcastGoogle Podcast, and Spotify, all of which are linked on our website

You can also follow us on Twitter @CarrieSeather and @techcoach1971 and @MPSAZEdTech.    
Recertification credit is available after listening by filling out the form linked on the site.


digital citizenship icon Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship - Information on helping students take ownership of their digital lives includig digital footpring, media balance, cyberbullying, online privacy, news & media and literacy


Grade levels (2-12), have a total of six lessons to be taught throughout the year, one supporting each of the following categories: 

  • Media Balance & Well Being

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Digital Footprints & Identity

  • Privacy & Security

  • Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech

  • News & Media Literacy

Lessons are aligned to CASEL competencies, ELA, and ISTE standards; include digital resources (video, presentations, and family engagement); as well as a student-assessment tool through Google Forms.

Educational Technology trainers are available to help design an implementation strategy that fits each campus, train & support teachers throughout the implementation, and work with Common Sense Media’s recognition and certification programs to recognize schools and teachers for their work.

More information can be found at mpsaz.org/dc.


Smart Notebook icon  SMART Notebook

If you are using SMART Notebook software and are concerned about the trial period ending, please complete the form on this page.  For SMART Notebook training videos, please visit this website, where you will learn how to create lessons, game-based activities, and assessments.

Girls who code  Girls Who Code Club

Mesa Public Schools is excited to share an opportunity from Girls Who Code (GWC) to bring free computer science learning opportunities to our community.  Girls Who Code Clubs are FREE after-school programs for 3rd-5th or 6th-12th grade girls to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models and use computer science to change the world. Participants not only learn hard coding skills and computational thinking, but they’ll also learn project management skills, collaboration, bravery, resilience, how to positively impact their community, and so much more.

When you start a GWC Club, you’ll gain access to free resources, flexible plug and play curriculum, funding opportunities, ongoing support, alumni opportunities for your young learners, and more! There’s no computer science experience needed to get started since GWC is there for you every step of the way. Apply now with the quick 15 min Clubs Application or learn more about how to get started by joining the next live 30 min webinar!

If you have any questions, please contact Joelyn Hilton (jhilton@mpsaz.org, 2-0007) or Colleen Howard (choward@mpsaz.org, 2-7204)


web design icon Website Design Tips

website design tips


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