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Using the Internet: Evaluating Websites

Using good strategies will narrow a search but there will still be many websites to choose from. How do you decide? Knowing how to evaluate websites will help you make good choices.

When you are visiting a website, be cautious because anybody can publish anything on the Internet and a lot of it is not true.

To decide whether a website can be trusted, ask yourself:

  • Who made this website? Factual information should be provided by experts on the subject and should list trustworthy sources of information. 

  • What is their motive? They may be trying to sell you something or they may have opinions they want you to agree with. 

  • Is it correct? Check sources and compare to other websites and information resources such as books and databases. 

TaskTask for K-3rd : Click here to read the NetSmartzKids eBook Webster's Gecko Goof 


TaskTasks for 4th-12th: 

1) Click here to view the lesson How to judge online information

2) Click here to practice evaluating information.

3) Click on the images to visit each website below & decide if they are trustworthy or not: 

Tree Octopus

Can you trust the Tree Octopus website?
Click to answer: YES or NO

All About Explorers

Can you trust the All About Explorers website? 
Click to answer: YES or NO


Can you trust the DHMO website? 
Click to answer: YES or NO