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Google Classroom
A blended learning platform for Google Apps for Education schools designed to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments paperlessly.

IMPORTANT: First Time Google Classroom Users!

The first time you access Google Classroom, you will be asked to identify your role.

Teachers/Employees - ALWAYS choose Teacher!  You can still be a student in a class, but you must identify your main role as TEACHER!

Only children/students should choose student as a role.

Google Classroom Choose your Role screenshot

Google Classroom Logo

To get to Classroom, type classroom.google.com in your address bar or select the Classroom app from the app launcher icon.

Classroom App from Google Grid

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Google Classroom - Parent Information

How to log in and access Classroom at home.

Ways to Use Classes in Classroom

Ideas for naming and organizing content in classes.
Reasons for creating a class.