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With Google+, you can share links, videos, pictures and other content with people who share your interests. Follow Communities and Collections!

Find & Join a Google+ Community

Google+ communities are groups of people with common interests.  For example, a community may help you connect with other professionals who are interested in G Suite for Education, Common Core, English Language Arts, Educational Technology, Chromebooks, Bring Your Own Technology, Mystery Hangouts, Virtual Field Trips, etc.  

You can join existing communities or create your own.  Click HERE to learn more about how to find and join a Google+ community.

Links to Some Educational Communities

Chromebook EDU
Early Childhood Educators
Education Revolution
Educational Leadership
G Suite for Education
Google Apps in Education
Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals
Mathematics Education (K-12)
STEM Educators
Teachers Helping Teachers
Technology in Education

Schedule a Training

To schedule a training at your site on Google+, contact Teresa Williams in Educational Technology.

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