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Monster Hangouts

Monster Hangouts are fun, collaborative, educational activities that will engage your students while meeting several academic standards.  Your class will definitely want to be a part of the event this year.  

Read what last year's participants had to say.

What did you like most about the MPS Montser Hangout experience?

"My students thoroughly enjoyed connecting with a school so far from where we live. They loved the collaboration, the anticipation, and talking with the students face to face. I loved how engaged my students were!" - Jen Field, Las Sendas

"The students all had a say/vote. They had decisions to make so this was truly a collaboration." - Tracie Stanton, O'Connor

"The kids really enjoyed creating and sharing." - Mary Williford, Crismon

"My 4th grade students were very engaged in writing for this project!" -Jennifer Jackman, Sirrine


What did your students learn?

"The students learned the importance of communicating clearly." - Mary Williford, Crismon

"How to listen with respect for others (peers) teamwork, online respect and how to problem solve." -Janet Cox, Bush

"My students learned about the need to be precise with their language when writing and speaking.  They also learned about the weather in Wisconsin!" -Courtney Coker, Keller

"We learned how important it is to include specific details when doing descriptive writing." -Jennifer Jackman, Sirrine


What advice would you give to a new participant (teacher and/or class) this year?

"Integrate this activity into your lesson plans!  It has the potential to hit areas in most, if not all, of Danielson's domains and many standards." - Jenn Field, Las Sendas

"This was a great class project. It was both challenging and rewarding. There was great support provided to teachers participating. My students loved the live online sharing time with our buddy class." - Susan Harnage, Robson

"Have an Ed Tech helper in your classroom." -Jennifer Jackman, Sirrine

"I would suggest reading the guidance documents thoroughly.  I would also suggest setting aside more prep time to work with your class on creating your monster and writing about it.  Maybe making some of it prep work the kids come to class with so it doesn't take as long to generate ideas.  I would also schedule some tech prep time the day before, not day of." - Courtney Coker, Keller

three colorful monsters

What is a Monster Hangout?

How does it work?

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