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Hangouts On Air/YouTube Live
Hangouts On Air are live HD broadcasts through YouTube Live. The broadcasts are recorded and automatically added to your YouTube Channel.

Sample Hangouts On Air

4th Grade Book Talks - Video - Jennifer Zurawski, December 16, 2013
Watch and listen to 4th grade students share their favorite books with other classroom with Hangouts On Air.

3rd Grade Opinion Writing 2015 - Video - Stephanie Krahn, March 12, 2015
See 3rd grade students persuade their principal to allow them a popcorn and movie party after testing with Hangouts On Air.

Google+ Communities

Connecting MPS Classrooms with Hangouts
This community was created to connect teachers/classrooms within the Mesa Public Schools district.  Find teachers and classrooms to collaborate with, ask questions, share your own experiences and provide tips & tricks for using Hangouts.

Connected Classrooms Workshops

This community was created to empower educators to collaborate with one another, share resources, develop best practices, and bring their big ideas to life through technology.  

Share your big ideas, connect with classrooms across the world, and reimagine how technology can be utilized to enhance education.

Google Hangouts in Education
This community is for educators who are using Google Hangouts in their classrooms.  This community serves as a hub for teachers to connect, collaborate, and discuss how they are using Google Hangouts to enrich the learning experiences of their students.

This community was put together to connect educators and classrooms across the globe using Google+ Hangouts.

Visit our Hangouts page for additional resources including ideas for using Hangouts in the classroom.

Using YouTube Live/HOAs for School Announcements

Is your school interested in using YouTube Live/Hangouts On Air for announcements?
Click here to get more information.

Don't want to broadcast live?

You can connect with other classrooms without broadcasting live.
Visit the Hangouts page to learn more.