Formative Assessment Program

Getting Started - Teacher

Logging in & Navigating

Specific information addressing Before, During, and After administering Benchmark Assessments

Administer Tests Online

Benchmark Teacher Directions

How do I use the same teacher created test for a pre and post or retest assessment?

Using a Teacher Created Test for Pre and Post or Retest Assessment Purposes

This help sheet will guide you through the copying and renaming of an original test for multiple administrations giving you multiple data sets for the same test.

Getting Started - Student

Creating Tests

Assessment Naming Protocol

Recommendations & considerations.


Overview of Assessment Options

Explains each type of available assessment with descriptions of each kind of test to help you decide which one to use when creating a test in STARS.


Assessment Item Types

Explains the different question item codes and how each item provides answer choices for students. ie: MC = Multiple Choice, HT = Hot Text, etc.


Answer Key Only (AKO) Simple

Answer Key Only (AKO) Detail

When you already have a paper test created, this makes it possible for students to take the assessment online.


Upload an ExamView assessment to administer through SchoolCity. Using the method to create a test requires the user to build the test in ExamView software.


Set up a simple assessment in a few minutes.

Item Bank

Create an assessment by choosing questions available through the Inspect Item Bank.

The Inspect Alternate Item Bank includes duplicate test items as found in the Inspect Item Bank, however, these items will include the written questions on the student test for grades designated by the "Teacher Reads" item/question.

Creating Your Own Items in Item Banks

Learn to add your own test items and save them in My Work Space then add your unique item to a teacher made test.

Directions for Adding Your Custom Item to an Item Bank Test

Follow the directions on the above link to add a custom made item to an already existing teacher made test.

Performance-Based (A+)

Enter scores into STARS from a performance-based assessment.

Copying Teacher Created Assessments to Next School Year

Copying and Transferring Teacher Made Tests to the New School Year

Allows teachers to keep tests from one year to the next by copying the teacher created test into the coming year. 

The same procedure may be used to develop a test for use as a pretest, retest and/or a post-test.

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Student Login

Teacher Login

STARS Support

Account Help - x20244 or x20243


Results & Reports

Accessing Test Results

Creating a Student Group

Managing Student and Course Groups

STARS Data Reports Ppt

Creating a Custom Report

  • Creating a custom report for viewing multiple test data side-by-side.
  • Using the Rescore function you can add Performance Levels which will add the data and pie chart according to your specific proficiency or mastery percentage added.


What accommodations are allowed with STARS?

STARS district tests follows the same accommodations and guidelines as AzMerit.

AzMerit Testing Conditions, Tools, & Accommodations Guidance

How to assign individual students accommodations in STARS

Printing Paper Format of Tests Without Activating Students

Printing Test Documents

Allows paper/pencil administration or access to a paper copy for student assessment without testing online. 

Additional Information

Chromebook Users

During Benchmark 1 testing some Chromebook users experienced navigation, freezing, and students unable to proceed to the next question. If your class experiences these issues on a Chromebook the device could be running in the Kiosk mode.  Turning off the Kiosk should eliminate these issues.

Text to Speech Activation

Instructions and clarification for using and activating Text to Speech

Accessing Multiple Grade Level or Course Tests at the Same Time

Multi-grade level classroom assistance for accessing different grade level tests at the same time

Inspect Pre-built Assessments

Inspect® Pre-built Assessments

Explanations and Color Coding for the Inspect Pre-built Assessments

Inspect® is an item bank and suite of over 300 pre‐built assessments that offers an industry‐leading combination of rigor, innovation, integrity, and instructional guidance throughout the school year. Ranging from short quiz‐like checkpoints to full‐length blueprint based end‐of‐year assessments; the suite of pre‐built assessments can be used in any capacity to support instruction. Give it a try!!