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Check the SMART board warranty


When one or more pens from the SMART Board pen tray do not work, there are several things to consider.  Actually, the pens themselves have no power, so it's not that they don't work.  The problem is related to a malfunctioning pen tray, or the SMART Ink software.

There are four pen slots in the tray, and one eraser slot.  If their corresponding lights do not work when you pick one of them up, the tray is malfunctioning.  You can
 refer to this video to troubleshoot the problem.  

If a pen just makes a box when you try to use it on the SMART Board, it's probably because the Smart Ink is inactive.  To activate it, go to the App screen on your computer and click once on the SMART Ink icon.  Repeat this until the pen works.   

Please call the MPS EdTech SmartBoard line if the problem persists:   2-0004, option 7.

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If the SMART Board light on the right side of the board is blinking green, try the following steps:


  1. Click the Windows icon on your desktop
  2. Click the Smart Technologies drop-down arrow from the list of programs.
  3. Click SMART Settings (has a picture of a wrench and screwdriver
  4. Click Connection Wizard.
  5. Check the light on the Smartboard.  It should be solid green now.  
  6. Close out of the SMART Settings window.


If the SMART Board light on the right side of the board is solid red, try the following steps:

The reason that the smartboard most likely has a red light is due to the fact that the smartboard and computer are not communicating.  This is usually because the usb port on the Lenovo device isn't picking up the signal.  The quick fix:

Remove the tablet from the keyboard of the Lenovo.  Then plug one end of the smartboard usb cord into the smartboard, and the other end into the usb port in the tablet- which is a stronger usb port (not keyboard).  Note whether or not the light turns green- it usually does.  Then remove the usb cord from the tablet, put the tablet and keyboard back together, and plug the smartboard usb cord back into the keyboard part of the device. 
A better solution that should last longer is to do Windows and Lenovo updates:

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If you are having trouble using PowerPoint with the SMART Board, try the following:

1. Launch  Powerpoint.

2. Select the SMART Ink icon from the upper-right-hand corner.

3. Choose Settings from the column on the right

.smart ink open

4.  Select the button that says Turn OFF SMART Ink.

smart ink settings

5. Click the button labeled Microsoft Ink

Microsoft Ink Open

6. Close PowerPoint and re-open it.

7. There should be a Microsoft Ink icon in the upper-right-hand corner.Microsoft Ink

8. From the Slide Show tab, select From Beginning or From Current Slide.

9. Tap the SMART Board.  The Microsoft Ink tools should appear in the lower-left-hand corner.  

10.  Use the Microsoft ink tools, and your finger to write.  If you use a pen from the SMART Board, it will write in the color last chosen from Microsoft Ink.  It will also drop the pen tool and you will have to re-select it from the Microsoft ink tools.

11.  When you are finished using PowerPoint, bring the SMART Ink tools back by going to the Start Screen on your computer or device.  Tap once on the SMART Ink icon located in the Apps menu. 

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SMART Board Icon has disappeared from the system tray

1.  Go to the Start screen.

2.  From the App menu, click once on SMART System Menu.

3.  Return to the desktop screen.  The SMART Board icon should appear in the task bar.


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