Welcome to my Mesa Public Schools webpage! 

I joined the Educational Technology department of Mesa Public Schools in July of 2014. I am very happy to be here helping teachers leverage the power of technology in the classroom. There is no nobler endeavor than public education and it is a privilege to participate by supporting our classroom teachers.

I was born in the Philippines and spent my childhood in Bangladesh and Norway, places which in many ways represent opposite extremes. The experience was at times confusing, but I came away with the belief that people everywhere are more similar than they may appear at first.

I attended Ripon College in Wisconsin and earned my BA in 1994. Since then, I have traveled the southern half of the continent, including seven years in Mexico and another seven in Texas. During that time, I have taught a variety of subjects from 4th grade through 11th, in both English and Spanish. I have a personal appreciation of how powerfully technology can enhance the learning experience, having taught in classrooms with online resources projected on a smart board, and at other times with nothing but a slate and a piece of chalk.

Technology is evolving exponentially, bringing ever greater opportunities and challenges. Keeping our teachers ahead of the curve is a vital part of this development.

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