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Google makes frequent updates to Classroom. Check out the new features for August!

Google Classroom News


Single View of Student's Work

Teachers and students now have a page that lists all of a student's work for a class, and the status of that work.
2 ways:

1. From the Students tab in your Classroom, click on a student name.

Single View

2. From the Student Work page of an assignment or question, click a student’s name while viewing that student’s work.

Student work

Reorder Class Cards

You can move a class card anywhere in the class list in 2 ways. Drag and drop a class to a new position, or use the menu to change a class position.

Reorder class cards

Display the Class Code Full screen

Display the Class Code - When inviting students to a class, teachers can display the class code in full screen.

class code


Decimal Grades

Teachers can use decimal grades to award partial points on student work.

Decimal Grades


Transfer Class Ownership

Transfer ownership of classes to another teacher. Simply invite the teacher to co-teach your course, then make them an owner.

transfer ownership

Feel free to contact me, or your assigned EdTech trainer, if you would like support with these new features and how you can use Google Classroom with your students.



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