Spring Online Technology Courses

Developing new EdTech skills

Do you want to acquire knowledge on how to use YouTube more effectively or learn all about digital citizenship? What about learning how to apply gamification principles in the classroom or creating a multimedia presentation for your students that adheres to research-based best practices? If you want to learn about any of these topics, you can do so by enrolling in an online EdTech course. 

There are more than a dozen online EdTech courses available now through the EROYou will earn 75 minutes of re-certification hours for each course you finish. All courses are self-paced and must be completed by March 10th. ​Here are the EdTech courses currently available on the ERO:
  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Canvas
  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Quiz Design
  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Module Design
  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Assignment Design
  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Discussion Design
  • Canvas 202: Engaging Students in Canvas
  • Canvas 202: Outcomes and Rubrics
  • Google Classroom: An Introduction
  • Google Classroom: Beyond the Basics
  • Multimedia Best Practices ​
  • YouTube in the Classroom
  • An Overview of the Big Ideas Math Online Platform
  • Digital Citizenship: Communication - Netiquette, Blogs, Memes and More!
  • Digital Citizenship: Helping Students Find Credible Online Resources
  • Digital Citizenship: Internet Safety
  • Gamification 1: Theory
  • Gamification 2: Assets
  • Gamification 3: Delivery
  • Interactive Blended Learning Tools with Student Devices: Using Quizizz
  • EDPuzzle
  • Using Your Lenovo ThinkPad Helix: Annotation Tools for Presenting

If you have any questions about any of the courses, please feel free to email me or call me at 87525. And, as always, I am available to provide individualized or group instruction/guidance/support at your request .


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