Transformative Learning Cycle
An instructional technology coaching process designed to increase student use of technology in more impactful ways by empowering teachers to infuse technology into their classrooms.

Transformative Learning Cycle imageThe Transformative Learning Cycle (TLC) supports teachers as they enhance student learning by facilitating meaningful and impactful technology use. Teachers identify an area of focus in which they want their students to improve based on the Impactful Technology Use Rubric. Teachers then work collaboratively with their Educational Technology Coach for 6 - 8 weeks to plan and implement the strategies and tools needed to meet their goals.

Transformative Learning Cycle Coaching Model

The TLC uses a technology instructional coaching model to help teachers enhance the learning of their students’ impactful technology use. Throughout the 6 - 8 week cycle, teachers and coaches work collaboratively to meet the their goals.

TLC Coaching Model image

What does it mean to use technology in impactful ways?

Impactful use of technology refers to the ability of teachers and students to select and use technology in the following areas:

Impactful Technology Use Rubric

For a rubric and examples of these indicators click here.