ECFI Family Literacy Program

family literacy

The Family Literacy Program provides parents of children K-3 the opportunity to have a greater influence on their children’s education and future success. Parents learn English, attend their child’s class, and participate in Parent Time. Here at Eisenhower Center for Innovation, technology is also integrated into the Family Literacy Program. Personal computers and iPads are used to support English learning as well as help the parents learn some of the same technology skills their children are learning. As a parent benefits from participating in the Family Literacy Program, the child, as well as the entire family, also benefits.

Congratulations Araceli--Now a Member of the National Adult Education Honor Society!!!

Araceli and TracyAraceli Bahena is now a member of the National Adult Education Honor Society. This is a huge honor and there are very strict membership standards which include excellent attendance, cooperation (respect others' ideas and values, participation, patience), and outstanding work ethic (always prepared, takes responsibility for own learning, comes to class prepared). Araceli exudes all of these qualities and more. The ceremony was held on March 7, 2014. Congratulations Araceli!

February 2014 Academic Award

Maria Martinez!!!

Feb Academic Award  



Perfect February Attendance!!!!


Fernanda Moya, Adriana Martin, Aracelia Gonzalez, Leticia Guzman,Crisanto Bernal, Francisco Sosa, Veronica Clark, and (not pictured) Mariana Maldonado

.Perfect Attendance Feb

Voted Best By Peers Award - February 2014

Mariana Maldonado

Voted Best By Peers Feb


December Perfect Attendance Award

December Perfect Attendance Award

Congratulations Paola Alvarez, Leticia Guzman, Aracelia Gonzalez, Maria Martinez, Mariana Maldonado, Elena Caraveo

December Academic Award

Congratulations  Fernanda Moya

Congratulations Fernanda Moya!

January: Voted Best by Peers

January: Voted Best by Peers

Congratulations Crisanto Bernal!

Janurary Perfect Attendance Award

Congratulations Maria Martinez, Adriana Martin, Leticia Guzman, Araceli Bahena, Selene Farias!

Congratulations Araceli Bahena, Selene Farias, and Mariana Maldonado

January Academic Award

January Academic Award

Congratulations Paola Alvarez!

December: Voted Best by Peers

December: Voted Best by Peers

Congratulations Aracelia Gonzalez

family literacy flier

Dolores Austin, Family Literacy  Teacher


Martina Hernandez, Family Support Specialist

480-472-5214 (habla español)




March 2014 Academic Award

Flor Torres


Flor Academic Award March 2014
















Perfect Attendance March 2014!!!!

Adriana Martin (and Jose), Veronica Clark, and Mariana Maldonado


 Attendance March 2014

Voted Best By Peers Award March 2014


Mariana Maldonado


Voted Best By Peers March