am    Pajama Day  PM class

On the last day of school in December we enjoyed a day of relaxation in our pajamas. We kept track of the days in December and counted how many days until Pajama day. The children also created a chart by answering questions about the types of pajamas they would possibly wear.


During snack time we poured our own hot chocolate for this special day. The children are building confidence and independence during this experience which promotes the social/emotional development for young children. On this special day, while playing outdoors we discovered a surprise in the water table! The temperature was so low the night before the left over water, from our water table, had frozen over! Too bad we didn't think of checking the actual temperature that caused the ice to time! It was definitely a great opportunity for children to use their investigative and problem skills to figure out how this happened. It turned out to be a fantastic day full of valuable learning experiences for all that attended!  

Icy4 icy3 ice Icy5 ice