Ms. Judith Laten

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Phone: (480) 472-5239


Welcome to fifth grade. Ms. Weston and I are pleased to share students this year. During math, the focus is on applying "growth mindsets" as we increase academic rigor, improve student independence, and provide individualized learning opportunities for our students. I look forward to collaborating with students as they develop multiple strategies for solving real-world mathematical problems. Topics will include: place value; decimal operations; multi-digit multiplication and division; fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; measurement conversions; volume; 2D geometric shape classification; and the coordinate plane. Of course, science will include the study of matter, forces, and flight in preparation for our field trip to the flight center.

This will be my fifteenth year as a classroom teacher in Arizona. Prior to joining the staff at Eisenhower Center for Innovation, I taught in Phoenix and in Fountain Hills. I hold a Master of Arts in Education from Arizona State University, and I value life-long learning. I am married, have one grown son, and enjoy hiking in the desert near my home.