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I worked 33 years for the Telephone companies, starting in Los Angeles California with Pacific Telephone.  Then I moved to Boise Idaho where it became Mountain Bell, and changed to US West.  Five years later is was over taken by Qwest Communications.  I transferred to Chandler Arizona with Qwest when again the name was changed CenturyLink.  I spent most of those years working with field technicians who provided customer service to customers wanting telephone lines, telephone jacks, cable TV service, and Wifi and internet service.  I retired from CenturyLink in 2013 and started volunteering in MPS in my grandson's kindergarten class.  I assisted the teacher in small groups, computer lab helping students log on to the computers, weekly spelling and reading testing, and almost everything else a kinder class does.  

I hired on with MPS in 2014 as a part Time Playground Aide, when I decided I wanted to do more with the schools in the technology arena.  I applied for the IA position, and was hired as an Instructional Technology Assistant at Lincoln Elementary, in Mesa.  After about a semester there, I heard that Eisenhower Center For Innovation was a one-to-one technology school and decided to transfer to it.  I'm currently acting as campus on site technology person who helps students and teachers resolve any issues the office Dell computers, printers, copiers, Apple MacBooks, mini iPads, and student iPads, headphones, keyboards and any other issues I'm asked to assist with.  I have created a mini computer lab in my office with Dell computers so the Aides, teachers, staff can use them to read emails, and do anything else they need assistance with on a daily basis. I work with IS to resolve issues beyond my control.

I was born in Los Angeles, California and have lived in Chandler and Mesa Arizona for around 30 years now.  My daughter Nicole was born in Chandler Arizona and has two boys Joseph and Jose Jr. I actively participate in Joseph little league baseball team and encourage him to be the best he can be, but most of all have fun. I love swimming with them and watching the LA Dodgers on TV, during March Spring break, or at the Dodgers and Diamondbacks stadiums  every chance we get.  I'm a proud grandparent and enjoy the boys every chance I get, which is almost every day.