English Language Acquisition Department

The English Language Acquisition Department (ELAD) supports English Language Learners (ELLs) from a variety of countries, representing over 50 different languages. Our goal is to provide support for implementation of the state mandated Sheltered English Immersion Model to all district elementary and secondary schools. The English Language Development (ELD) Model is designed to promote English proficiency through use of the Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards. The outcome of the ELD program is for students to acquire English as rapidly as possible in order to participate in mainstream instruction.

The English Language Acquisition Department facilitates cooperation between families and community agencies, to provide support in meeting the social, physical, and emotional needs of English learner students. ELAD advocates for understanding and acceptance of multi-cultural diversity.

ELAD provides program services which meet state and federal requirements for English learner identification, assessment, instruction, and reassessment. (Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) and Arizona Revised Statutues, Title 15, Chapter 7, Article 3.1 ARS §15-751 §15-757 and House Bill 2064)

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