SEI 45 - No longer to be offered through MPS
Last class offered will start 4-20-15 and end 6-14-15

SEI 45 Hour Completion Course

This is an eight week online course approved by the Arizona State Board of Education to meet state requirements for the Structured English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement required for teacher certification in Arizona. This course is for all classroom teachers, supervisors, principals and superintendents


Prerequisite: Participants must complete the SEI Provisional Endorsement Course before taking this completion course



ELD Courses

Courses are offered through ELAD throughout the year covering such topics as:

  •         ELD classroom expectations and components
  •         ELD practices and strategies
  • ILLP implementation
  • Close reading in the ELD classroom
  • Other topics related to ELD instruction and practices

Please check on the ERO system for classes currently offered and to register.

The Arizona Department of Education offers ELD professional development courses throughout the year.  Please click on the link below for current ELD professional development courses offered through ADE.