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Schools with 20 or fewer ELs in the grade bands below, may provide instruction through the development of Individual Language Learner Plans (ILLPs) created for each EL. Scheduling and time blocks in the ILLPs must meet the requirements of the scheduling and time blocks specified herein for Elementary Schools or Middle and High School as appropriate for each EL.

Schools must consider the most effective program of language instruction for their students. ILLPs may not be the most beneficial option of language instruction for Pre-Emergent and Emergent ELs. Therefore, more than the number of EL students should be factored into decisions of language instructional models.

• Kindergarten, • Grade 1, • Grades 2-3, • Grades 4-5, • Grades 6-8, • Grades 9-12 (across a 3-grade span) 

(Revised Structured English Immersion ELD Models, School Year 2019-2020, Arizona Department of Education)

Electronic ILLP Support Documents and Links

Electronic ILLP Getting Started (Directions)

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Electronic ILLP Getting Started (Directions)


2019-20 Electronic ILLP Form Request an ILLP Document

Request an ILLP Document

Sample Electronic ILLPs Attachment As & Bs

Sample Electronic ILLPS

Attachment As & Bs

ILLP Guidance and Compliance Checks

ILLP Guidance Document


ILLP Compliance 2019-2020

Elementary & Secondary

2019-20 ILLP Compliance Check

ILLP Timeline-Year at a Glance

ILLPs in the Mainstream Classroom

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Compliance Checklists and Flow Charts

Look for Check Lists and Flow Charts specific to ILLPs

ILLP Signature Documents

Parent Notification and Consent Form

English & Spanish

ILLP Cover Page /Signature Page

ELP Standards Supports

ELP Standards Resources

Elementary ELD Curriculum

Secondary ELD Curriculum

Additional Teacher Resources

ILLP Implementation

Coding the ELP Standards for Lesson Plans

Cut and Paste ELP Standards w/Coding

Sample lesson Plans - ILLP Lesson Plans