Migrant Program

Every year a unique group of children move from place to place and enroll in one or more different school districts. They may stay in a particular community for several months or for as little as a day or two. Who are these children? They are the sons and daughters of migratory agricultural workers or fishers and their mobility is not by choice but by necessity because their parents must continually seek temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture, fishing, or related industries.

Because the particular needs of migrant children are not always met by the regular school system, a migrant education program is federally funded under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The program operates throughout the United States and its territories, providing instructional and supportive services for migrant education designed to supplement existing school programs.

The Mesa Public Schools' Migrant Child Education Program is only one of several migrant programs in the State of Arizona that provides services to students Preschool through 12th grade. The Migrant/ELAD program provides instruction and support to students who have a primary home language other than English and are experiencing academic difficulty.

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