Generally any child (from pre-school through 12th grade) not above age 21 is eligible for the Migrant Program. Mobility of parents alone does not constitute a child's eligibility. In order to qualify as a Migrant child, child "must move with" (out of state or from one school district to another) a parent, guardian, or immediate family member seeking seasonal agricultural related employment.

When the family has ceased to move, the children are eligible for program services up to three years after the last qualifying move.

All migrant children are eligible to participate in the free lunch or reduced lunch program. Also, all participating migrant children are screened for possible physical or medical problems. If problems are found, follow-up services are arranged.

There are a number of migrant personnel who work in the community. Home/School liaisons, recruiters, and home based educators are all available to help the migrant child to succeed in school.