ELD Mandated Program
House Bill 2064

Arizona State law requires that English learners participate in 4 hours of English Language Development (ELD) instruction on a daily basis.

English Language Instruction
Arizona State law requires that all English Development classes be focused on students gaining English language proficiency as quickly as possible. English Language Development classes must use specific strategies, practices, methods and materials designed to help each child learn English.

The expectations for English Learners are to fully transition into regular academic classes, meet appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion, and to graduate from high school.

Determination of Proficiency
The student's English proficiency is determined by administering a test called the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA). It is usually given when the student first enrolls in school. Students are retested annually to measure progress in English. If the results of this test show that a student is at the limited English proficiency level, the student qualifies for placement in English Language Development classes. A student must obtain a score of "proficient" to exit the ELD classes and move into regular academic content classes.

Parent Rights
We know that this new law may represent a  change for your student. It is also important for you to know that parents have the right to decline these services. Should you have questions or concerns, please call your school and ask to speak with the principal.

At the elementary level, four hours of English language development instruction are provided in three different ways:

  • Self-contained ELD classroom
  • Mixed classroom (with approval by ADE/OELAS)
  • Individual Language Learner Plan (ILLP) 

Mesa Public Schools has designated four classes at the secondary level that address the ELD four hour requirements according to the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) proficiency level.

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