AZELLA Information

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AZELLA Testing & Score Report Dates

Test Administration Dates

February 4th- March 22nd (2019)


Electronic Score Reports and Data Files Posted on PearsonAccess

May 2nd, 2019 (online at PearsonAccess)


Paper Reports Due to Districts

May 14th, 2019


AZELLA Testing Information

What is AZELLA?

Universal Test Administration Conditions

AZELLA Testing Conditions and Accommodations

Students with Disabilities

AZELLA Reassessment Stages

State-Provided Materials

Stages I & II

Order of Test Administration

Stages I & II

Order of Test Administration

Stages III-V

Spring AZELLA Online Assessment Terminology

Test Security

AZELLA 2018-2019 Test Security Agreement

2018 Spring AZELLA Training PowerPoint Handouts

Test Security and Ethics

Session 2

Stages I & II

Session 3

Stages III, IV, V

Session 4

Managing Test Sessions

Preparing 2-3 Days before Testing

Test Administration

Day of Testing Directions
Additional Details and Updates

Navigating and Using AZELLA Reports

Guide to Navigating and Using AZELLA Reports

October 2016

Understanding AZELLA Reports

Using AZELLA Reports for Instruction

AZELLA Proficiency Scale and Cut Scores


AZELLA Threshold Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

Stage I Threshold PLDs

Stage II Threshold PLDs

Stage III Threshold PLDs

Stage IV Threshold PLDs

Stage V Threshold PLDs

AZELLA Writing Anchor Sets

Stage I

Anchor Set 1

Stage I

Anchor Set 2

Stage II

Stage III

Anchor Set 1

Stage III

Anchor Set 2

Stage IV

Anchor Set 1

Stage IV

Anchor Set 2

Stage V

Anchor Set 1

Stage V

Anchor Set 2

AZELLA Blueprint & Rubrics

AZELLA Blueprint

Speaking Rubrics - Stages I-V

Writing Rubrics - Stages I-V

AZELLA Sample Paper Tests

AZELLA Sample Test Information PowerPoint


Stage I - Sample Test Book

Stage I - Teacher's Edition

Stage II - Sample Test Book

Stage II - Teacher's Edition

Stage III - Sample Test Book

Stage III - Answer Document

Stage III - Teacher's Edition

Stage IV - Sample Test Book

Stage IV - Answer Document

Stage IV - Teachers' Edition

Stage V - Sample Test Book

Stage V - Answer Document

Stage V - Teacher's Edition

AZELLA Test Item Templates

AZELLA Test Item Templates

Stages I-V