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The MPS Elementary Physical Education Program is recognized for its high standard of curriculum excellence. With the national concern for childhood inactivity and obesity, high quality physical education programs are as essential as academic programs.  

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The physical education curriculum for elementary students in Mesa Public Schools is child-centered. The Dynamic Physical Education Program focuses on providing every youngster with a piece of equipment so that they may progress at a rate that is individualized.   


Youngsters learn the joy and satisfaction of being physically active and part of the group regardless of their personal strengths or limitations.  Over 25 different units of instruction on specific skills are offered throughout the school year. Students become confident and competent consumers of physical activities and find fun ways to stay active at any age.

The curriculum is aligned with National, State and District Content Standards for Physical Education (see Curriculum Guides). Each thirty minute lesson is composed of four parts: the introductory activity, the fitness activity, the lesson focus and the game activity. The four part lesson provides a well-rounded experience and allows for higher rates of student activity time. Mesa’s highly qualified elementary physical education (EPE) teachers excel in their ability to integrate State and District academic standards into their daily instruction.  Click on this link to view the Arizona Physical Education Standards.