MPS Elementary Physical Education Curriculum
The Elementary Physical Education curriculum is followed district-wide serving over 35,000 elementary school students in 56 schools. Highly qualified elementary physical education specialists provide instruction based on a district approved curriculum that includes a sequence of developmentally appropriate activities for students in grades K-6.

Yearly Curriculum Schedule 2016-17

     Developmental Level I   (Grades K-2)     

     Developmental Level II   (Grades 3-4)     

     Developmental Level III (Grades 5-6)       

Indoor-Outdoor Schedule 2016-17

School Based Teachers


District Based Teachers


Dynamic Elementary Physical Education Book
 MPS Adopted Curriculum Guide 

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary
School Children
, Pangrazi, 17th Edition
(Teacher Edition)
Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School
, Pangrazi,17th Edition
(Teacher Edition)




Arizona State Physical Education Standards

The Physical Education Standards (approved May 2015) will replace the 2009 Physical Education Standard (approved October 2009). The 2015-16 school year will be a transition year, with full implementation of these standards during the 2016-17 school year.

Introduction to the Standard




    Physical Education Standard
(Approved 5.18.15)

Standards 1-5


Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard 3

Standard 4

Standard 5



Physical Education Standard
(Approved 10.26.09)

Supplemental Documents

Urban Physical Education Resource Guide

2009 Physical Education Standard


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