MPS Elementary Physical Education Curriculum
The Elementary Physical Education curriculum is followed district-wide serving over 35,000 elementary school students in 56 schools. Highly qualified elementary physical education specialists provide instruction based on a district approved curriculum that includes a sequence of developmentally appropriate activities for students in grades K-6.

Yearly Curriculum Schedule 2014-15
     Developmental Level I   (Grades K-2)     

     Developmental Level II   (Grades 3-4)      

     Developmental Level III (Grades 5-6)       

Indoor-Outdoor Schedule 2014-15

School Based Teachers


District Based Teachers


Dynamic Elementary Physical Education Book
 MPS Adopted Curriculum Guide 

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary
School Children
, Pangrazi, 17th Edition
(Teacher Edition)
Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School
, Pangrazi,17th Edition
(Teacher Edition)




Arizona State Standards

This 2009 Physical Education Standard Articulated by Grade Span document replaces the Physical Education Articulated by Grade Span 1997. Schools should use the 2009/2010 school year as a transition year, with full implementation by the 2010-2011 school year.

The Arizona Department of Education will be sponsoring transitional trainings on the new standards starting in spring 2010. More information will be available soon.

Introduction to the Standard


Transition Plan


    Physical Education Standard
(Approved 10.26.09)

PE Concepts Explanations

PE Performance Objective Complete Grid

Strand 1

Strand 2

Strand 3

Strand 4

Strand 5

Strand 6


Physical Education Standard
(Approved 10.26.09)
Supplemental Documents

Physical Education Strands with Examples

Physical Education Term Glossary

These examples serve as instructional support for teachers in the form of explanations and examples and are not intended to be a checklist for instruction. To use, place your mouse over each example box to view ADE suggested examples, and type in explanations and examples as appropriate in your school.

Grade K-2 with examples

Grade 3-5 with examples

Grade 6-8 with examples

Grade 9-12 with examples

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