Emerson P.E.

Our Instructors:  David Cervantez Bri Otto 

Below you will find facts and information about our PE program.

What to Wear to P.E.:
Wear proper shoes and comfortable "action clothes."

FOR SAFETY:   PLEASE, NO flip flops, sandals, boots, dress shoes, or high platform shoes.

Rules & Responsibilities:
In order to insure that all students in class are provided with a learning environment which is free of disruption, we will be utilizing the school-wide S.O.A.R. PBIS Program.

P.E. Rules
1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

2. Do everything:

a. Right Away

b. All the Way

c. With the Right Attitude 

Excuses from P.E.                                                                                                       
If you would like your child to be excused from participating in physical activity for health reasons, please send a note to the nurse. Please list the extent of your child's limitations and/or injury as well as the duration they are to be excused from activity.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Emerson Elementary School Physical Education Program is to provide successful physical experiences for all children. Activities in the program are selected from a wide variety of offerings for children in grades kindergarten through sixth. Through participation in the physical education curriculum, students should have the opportunity to develop knowledge and practices necessary in obtaining personal physical fitness and lifetime wellness values. They should also acquire appropriate physical skills to participate in a wide range of physical activities and specialized sports skills. Social interaction occurs in physical education classes and participation should foster personal values.

Direction                                                                                                        Our school’s Physical Education Program emphasizes health and wellness values with lifetime physical activities and sport related skills being developed. The sequenced curriculum activities include units by developmental levels rather than grade levels. 


Major Focus Areas

Developing and maintaining a level of physical fitness commensurate with daily needs and health standards.  Activities included are structured so that each child can attain movement competence and confidence in body management activities, rhythmic movement, fundamental physical skills and specialized physical skills.  The program helps students participate in a highly interdependent and culturally diverse world. This setting provides an environment where children learn  to:

  • internalize and understand the merits of participation, cooperation and tolerance
  • stress the positive relationship between physical activity and health and increase participation in and derive enjoyment from lifetime physical activities
  • develop a positive self-concept through relevant physical education experiences
  • acquire knowledge and experience in a wide variety of physical fitness activities, physical skills, sport related games, low organized games and lifetime physical activities
  • acquire safety skills when working with equipment, and when working independently or in groups.GRAM SCHEDULE


Program Frequency
Kindergarten through sixth grade students receive physical education twice a week for 30 minutes each.



Adopted Textbooks:

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Children, Pangrazi/Dauer, 17th Edition (Teacher Edition)


Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children, Pangrazi/Dauer, 17th Edition (Teacher Edition)