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Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                                                                              


Your child has expressed an interest in participating in Band at Emerson Elementary School.  We are delighted to learn of your child's interests and want to help you maximize your child's experience in Band at Emerson Elementary School.


Band is a pullout program at the elementary level. Your child is responsible for making up any missed class work while she/he is attending Band class.


At Emerson Elementary School we use Standards of Excellence Book 1 to teach students in band how to play their instruments. The book serves as a guide and workbook as you develop their musical skills. It is always best for your child to have a personal copy of the book.


Your child will need a good, reliable instrument to play. If you need help finding the right instrument, our band teacher can give you a list of brand names that have proven to be reliable through the years. We cannot recommend a music store but can tell you brands that aid learning.


The band teacher highly recommends you obtain:


1.      Standard of Excellence, Book 1 Red (Found online or in Music Stores)

2.      1 box of extra reeds, strength 2.0 (Clarinets, Saxophones only)

3.      Polish Cloth, Cleaning Rod, Cloth for the inside of instrument

4.      Pencil and Erasers (NO PENS)

5.      A Music Notebook will be at the beginning of the year and will not be replaced.


The band program consists of one or two 30-minute rehearsals (classes) every week. Students are pulled from their classes so anything missed from their main classes will need to be made up.


Concerts and Events:


Fall Concert and Spring Concerts attendances are mandatory unless an emergency occurs.


Elementary Festival Bands: each school will be represented and the band teacher from each school nominates students to play in the band. Emerson is in the West Region Band.


Feeder Concerts are highly encouraged and will happen at Westwood on January 28th with Carson and Kino Jr. High Schools. The dates of other concerts and fantastic events will be posted in the band room or there will be a handout. Please watch for notices. 


Students must practice outside of band. Practice Forms will be turned in at the end of every week. Why? Students will have playing/performance assessments throughout the year. 


Band is an elective program at Emerson Elementary School, and we welcome your child’s decision to participate.  If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Ms. Osterman at (480) – 472 - 4731.


I can’t wait to start teaching your kids!


Ms. Osterman
Band Director

Emerson Elementary School
(480) – 472 – 4731