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After multiple years teaching abroad in public schools I worked with family and community engagement in Nashville, TN. I have been empowering families to get the most out of the great education resources available to them for over eight years. After serving large communities in this capacity I have come to Mesa excited to work with students from just one school...and feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the Emerson community. 

I have attended the University of Tennessee for undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as la Universidad Católica de Uruguay for one year.  For a couple years I taught in a public primary school in Spain before returning to Tennessee.  My practicum in school counseling occurred in Albania; having learned and worked in education on multiple continents, I have a broad perspective on how education can enhance the whole child. Also, I speak Spanish for anyone who prefers to communicate in this language. (Además yo hablo español por si alguien prefiere comunicarse así.)