Ms. Jennifer Hershey

Contact Information:


Phone: 472-4752

Classroom Experience:

I am a 2005 graduate of Arizona State University in Early Childhood Education.  I spent my first two years teaching half-day and then full day kindergarten at Rose Lane Elementary School in the Madison school district in Phoenix.  I have taught at Emerson Elementary for 12 years now; the first year teaching general kindergarten, the next two years teaching ELD kindergarten, two more years as a general kindergarten teacher and now am enjoying my 8th year teaching first grade. I truly love the challenge and joy of being with my first graders!


I grew up in San Jose, CA until 1986, when my family moved here to Mesa, AZ.  I attended Dobson High School and was active in Volleyball, Basketball and the yearbook club.  

Academic Interests:

I especially love writing and grammar.  I have taken several classes through Mesa Public Schools to enhance my skills of teaching these to subjects to my first graders.

Family Information:

I am a divorced mother of two amazing kiddos!  My son Bailey is 25, with an Associate's Degree from MCC, working and loves jamming on his bass guitar.  My daughter Cassie is 22, a new graduate of UofA and has just moved home from Tucson to take a year off school to study and get ready for medical school.  We have two kitties-Pogo and Puddin and three pups-Ziggy (the littlest and oldest), Otis ( the lab mix, fussy one) and Lola (our new baby Pitbull who is adorable!).  

Hobbies and Interests:

When I am not teaching my sweet little first graders I enjoy camping with my family, reading a good book and gardening in my vegetable garden.

“Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful.”