• Classroom Procedures:  

     In our classroom you will see lots of small group work, interventions and thematic unit projects.

  • Room 2 Rules:

     -Listen when the teacher or student is talking

     -Follow directions quickly

     -Keep your hands and your feet to yourself

    -Raise your hand to speak or answer questions

    -Be safe, be kind, be honest

  • Class Dojo: In Room 2 we use a computer program entitled Class Dojo to track our behavior.  After each recess and special we meet as a class and discuss any issues or behaviors that occurred in the classroom, on the playground or at special.  Students can either earn or lose points for good/poor choices.  At the end of the week we celebrate those students who earned the most points with a Thank You note home to parents and class recognition.
  • Bucket Fillers: We also want to be "bucket fillers" in our class.  By following our classroom rules and making good choices we "fill up" our friends buckets with kindness and caring.  When we make a poor choice (like saying unkind words to another student) we are "dipping" into their bucket.  This behavior is tracked on a chart in the classroom using red, yellow and green cards.
  • Homework Policy: A Homework Packet is sent home each Monday and should be returned and completed by that Friday.  Homework/Parent Communication folders need to come to school each day with your student.
  • Grading Policy:  Homework and Behavior are graded as a responsibility.  Ability grades are based on weekly Spelling, Reading and Math test scores. Some other factors that contribute to student grades are the scores on their Dolch Word Lists, Writing Samples and DIBELS testing throughout the year.

                                                                          Grading Scale:

                                                                        100%-90% is a 4

                                                                          89%-80% is a 3

                                                                          79%-70% is a 2

                                                                       69% or below is a 1