Ms. Genevieve Boileau-Stockfisch

Email:   Phone:  472-7311

     Thanks for reading to learn more about me!  I was born in Scottsdale and mostly grew up there as well.  There were six kids in my family and so growing up we always had to wait for a turn in the bathroom!  We also lived in different parts of Indiana and Michigan when I was growing up.  When I was younger some of my favorite things to do were riding my bike, swimming, reading, being a cheerleader, and having lots of different pets.  I loved living in Arizona when I was younger and I still love living here today.  After high school I attended A.S.U. but graduated from Capitol University in Dayton, Ohio.  A couple of years later I took graduate classes at Chapman University and graduated with a M.A. degree in Curriculum Development.  I have been teaching at Entz for 19 years and before that I taught at DeGrazia Elementary in Tucson. 

I think teaching is an amazing job and I especially love teaching second grade!