Happiness and Gratitude

Superintendent Cowan interacts with a student at Lincoln ElementarySeveral years ago I read a quote that had a significant impact on me. The simple phrase, written by Steve Maraboli, reminds us all of the power of the human mind to influence our view of the world. He said,

"If you want to find happiness, find gratitude."

Maraboli's quote reminds me that we choose how we react to the unexpected events that life offers us. Indeed, our frame of mind often impacts how we respond to those ups and downs.

The day-to-day and political aspects of educational careers are challenging, to say the least. Nevertheless, the work we do is essential to the welfare of our students' futures. It is powerful and meaningful.

When I am tested by pressures placed on education and false assumptions of those who claim to know what's best for Arizona's kids, I find happiness in our classrooms. When I visit our schools and witness hardworking, committed educators, leaders and staff members, I'm able to recenter my thinking. I always leave with a deep sense of gratitude for what each of you do every day to teach or support the learning of our community's children.

As superintendent of Mesa Public Schools, I'm blessed to witness the learning and achievement of our 64,000 students. They are incredible and capable! I also appreciate another 10,000 blessings, provided by our employees who work steadily with skill and expertise. Thank you for your efforts and the positive influences you have on our students — and on me.

May each of you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. I hope your time off will be filled with tasty food, fun family bonding and opportunities to relax. Please know that you bring me happiness and deep gratitude for the work you do. It is an honor to serve with you and for you.

With respect,


Our promise:
Every student in Mesa Public Schools
is known by name,
strength and need, and
graduates ready for college, career and community.


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