Our focus remains on student-centered learning

Students work side by side at Edison ElementaryThroughout education, the pressures to transform current models of instruction continue to mount. Parent advocates, think tank pontificators, educational entrepreneurs and policy makers are quick to point out that our traditional teaching and learning models do not meet the needs of all students. Many of us agree that current pervasive models don't always reach all learners.

Public education and Mesa Public Schools are at the crossroads of the powerful institutionalized inertia of "this is how we've always done it" and the call for more learner-centered models that are personalized and responsive to individual student needs.

Have you thought deeply about public education's changing expectations and demands? Of course, you have. Each of us is committed to ensuring that every child in every class achieves and learns at high levels.

Do you experiment with progressive strategies to enhance learning? Based on my recent school visits, many of our hard-working teachers think "outside the box" and pursue responsive approaches to student needs.

screen grab of Nellie Mae Education Foundation image

Please take a few minutes to watch this brief video outlining four essential elements of student-centered learning, produced by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

This is an exciting and challenging time in education. Gone are the good ole days. Schools and classrooms are much more complex. To reach a new and improved level of K-12 education, we must think beyond what was taught in our college and university courses. Moving education to the next level requires vision, courage, tenacity, grit, and a willingness to step out of our comfort zones and allow for a little messiness. Ultimately, we must do whatever is necessary to ensure we reach every learner.

Change takes time. I'm not advocating for an overnight revolution; rather, I encourage meaningful and results-oriented change. I am confident we will rise to the challenges ahead. Our committed, dedicated educators and staff will lead the way for our state and nation. Your thoughtful implementation of new and creative instruction is respected and recognized. Now is the time for Mesa Public Schools to solidify our status at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning.

With respect,


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